Second Floor Studio

This store in Delhi’s Khan Market surely knows how to attract curious onlookers….. Second Floor Studio makes a statement with aplomb. Its assortment of vintage and contemporary items egged me to look at everything twice over, as each one seemed apt for someone I know or a place in my environment.

As a woman, the first thing that drew my attention was the modern, yet timeless, costume jewellery by a Jaipur-based designer AKFD AnantayaEn Inde,whose pieces are industrially inspired and the nature’s motifs artistically crafted by Valliyan. These upcoming designers are seen sharing the limelight for being innovative yet traditional in their approach. Some other enterprising names here are Olivia Dar for her Peter Pan encrusted collars and belts Joli for their kitschy keychains, and Khamsa, Alecca Carrano and Cirare for their versatile and trendy bags and pouches: a clear deja vu of the glossy International fashion magazines featuring them on celebrities.

Lights from Lightbox, linen from Settings by B, camera bags and pouches by 1701,Punit Jasuja 1974 etc.: each one set the stage apart as a one-stop-shop for my whimsical mind. The same store in Shahpur Jat showcases his ideas for events and styling projects – the antique pillars, bronze stand Christmas tree with understated elegant decorations, a table setting with art deco style figurine cutlery, exquisite dinner set accompanied with the best table linen which has a thread count of 1100, distressed painted old style wooden cupboards and chaise lounge with horse and butterfly painted cushions, perfumed candles, aged Ikat imprint ceramic bowls from Turkey, all perfect examples of a cosmopolitan setting. By the end of my tour through both the stores two words undoubtedly drove home their USP, exclusivity and uniqueness.

Armed with an uber cool Manhattan style, Punit Jasuja decided to put his skill set to test by combining the two in spaces with originality. In India, he honed his aesthetics on projects ranging from retail space conceptualization, interior designing, product branding and marketing and other art related assignments, like styling and event management, for high-profile clients (e.g. Royal families of Rajkhot and Khimsar, Aashka in Udaipur, Amarapali in Santushti, Bloom in DLF Promenade, Waves City Centre Apartments). Defining each moment is difficult but decorating each space seemed entertaining with the help of these stores’ collection, a must for a Life of Riley.

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  1. Akanksha says:

    Hey Thank you for the metion of Cirare in your post! 🙂

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