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January 2013

Hospital Guide Foundation

Hospital Guide final logo

Indiritta Singh D’mello an Oxford graduate always wanted to contribute in some form towards the social upliftment of Indian society. Coming from a privileged background and a career with MNCs left her seeking for more than what meets the eye. A mission of making quality healthcare easily accessible with an amazing network of ethical, competent and compassionate specialists seemed to become her calling.

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Traversing through the narrow lanes of Shahpur Jat, Delhi’s urban village, I  found an old restored haveli as Lila’s studio- a design outfit set up in late 2011 by an architect; minimalistic in appearance as well rich in craftsmanship. Drawing  inspiration from contemporary Indian design aesthetics,  the brand is an effort to simplify our rich visual culture.

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“Fill what’s empty. Empty what’s full. Scratch where it itches” –Alice Roosevolt Longworth’s philosophy sketches Zoe and Magali’s lives; after a long stint in consulting and business management in financial services Zoe Marra decided to follow her heart by founding zmandmz, a cosmopolitan brand, with her aesthetically inclined friend Magali Zakkarian as the stylist and creative director, developing a resort wear – simple, elegant yet affordable.

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cvh studio

A discovery through one of my jaunts to a Christmas fair in the diplomatic circles of Delhi; costume jewellery line cvh studio by a German designer Claudia von Hansemann. Right up our alley; these objects of instant gratification are fast becoming a rage, encouraging all fashionistas to be it.

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Need To Be….

women 1

“I never realized until lately that women were supposed to be the inferior sex” a statement by Katharine Hepburn seems to be echoing the thoughts of many in India. Let’s celebrate womanhood through some fabulous blogs and websites which highlight our conditions. Do take out time to understand yourself and the society we live in, better.

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