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“I never realized until lately that women were supposed to be the inferior sex” a statement by Katharine Hepburn seems to be echoing the thoughts of many in India. Let’s celebrate womanhood through some fabulous blogs and websites which highlight our conditions. Do take out time to understand yourself and the society we live in, better.

Let’s first address the adage Health is Wealth by a blog Indian Women’s Health-Nowadays life gives everybody so much freedom and stress at the same time that it is difficult to soak in the reality. This blog helps in gaining wisdom about everything we cared to know about, like beauty, nutrition, fitness, children, pregnancy and other women’s healthcare, but got no time to do so.

Secondly an online law consultancy VakilNo.1 is available to provide a window of opportunity to know our laws well enough; tailor-made advice for our specific problems also keeping in mind finding the right lawyer. It doesn’t get easier than this as you can get nearly all the help you want while sitting at home without anyone being suspicious…..this is called Woman Empowerment!!!

Thirdly the financial aspect of being a woman while dealing with it on a daily basis and yet being clueless. Try skimming through articles like 30 Financial Tips that Women should know by 30 or 12 Financial Tips for Women which will get your mind ticking in the right direction. Stop twiddling your fingers and being helpless, be a part of your family investment plans by thoughtfully suggesting the best from the rest with the help of  an insightful website Jago Investor. Rest assured, the results will be for yours forever.

Fourthly, widen your horizons by learning from Ultra Violet-Indian Feminists Unplugged a blog consisting of women writers from various walks of life and geographical locations, taking on subjects like culture, politics, law, economy, relationships, media, society,sexuality and diaspora in respect to Indian women globally.

By just doing lip service is not enough; get yourself acquainted and join the bandwagon in some form or the other e.g. All India Progressive Women’s Association which fights against crimes like sexual violence, sex selective abortions, honour killings, getting justice for equal right to property and wages or gender discrimination at home and workplace……The list seems endless as women’s right to education, nutrition and health, social stigma and violence faced by sex workers and reservation in parliament and assemblies are also some agendas which need support; as the main veins of society bring in the change we will see a difference in other spheres of our environment. Despite of  being in the 21st century with Independence been sought some 65 yrs ago, our nation still thinks regressively, giving rise to male chauvinism.

Lastly The Organized Housewife gets us back to the grind happily and easily through a blog full of suggestions to spend the days fruitfully as a mom, best friend and a great worker. These are guidelines for managing everyone’s lives effortlessly and amazingly without any holidays.

Our greatness speaks volumes; just a skewed imagination spoils it all. God made man or woman first, cannot be argued but maintaining the equilibrium is in our hands; so allow the magic to spill over in our daily lives.

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  1. Aditi Chandra says:

    Anandi, dear. This is simply brilliant ! Wish you lots of success with this blog.

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