“Fill what’s empty. Empty what’s full. Scratch where it itches” –Alice Roosevolt Longworth’s philosophy sketches Zoe and Magali’s lives; after a long stint in consulting and business management in financial services Zoe Marra decided to follow her heart by founding zmandmz, a cosmopolitan brand, with her aesthetically inclined friend Magali Zakkarian as the stylist and creative director, developing a resort wear – simple, elegant yet affordable.

It’s praiseworthy to see even small businesses like their’s contributing to building a better world. “Ethical is Stylish” – their campaign aims at changing hearts and mindsets of people about ethical products such as their no fuss accessories and clothing; whilst empowering underprivileged people with Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility with the help of OpenHand.

Two spirited friends seemingly made most of their expat life in India and developed beach bags, totes, ipad covers, daily wear pouches in canvas with leather trimmings, laminated cosmetic pouches and cotton scarves in some basic colours – all ranging between Rs. 1000-Rs. 5000.The need to enjoy the sweltering heat drove them to manufacture clothing such as net stretchable beach sarong, cotton voile jumpsuits, cambric cotton tunics and dresses in linen cotton blend available in small, medium and large sizes.Best is to view their online catalogue, contact them via email at or call Zoe at +91 9560664888.

Clearly these enterprising Greek and Armenian origin women easily understood the basic ensemble desires for any beach vacation and the long mean tropical summer. Indulging in zmandmz collections wasn’t an option for me  it became a necessity even though much in advance, as finding appropriate clothing is always a task.

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