Loulou des Indes

Loulou des Indes logo

A Yoga addict’s sense of discipline and perfection spills over to other spheres of  her life- Daphne Ghesquiere decides to handcraft her kids’ clothes, while settled in India. Being French and after having done stints with luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and Hermes, her understanding of luxury runs deeper than the price; quality and design without the usual Christmas tree look is of  prime importance to her.

Mother of two small kids, she started designing their wardrobes with French seam, excellent hand embroidery on natural fabrics like linen, cotton, jersey and caddy cotton (handspun and handwoven in villages). The contrasting colour detailing gave the simple and practical clothes an edge with an Indian element embroidered as a motif e.g. Holy cow, Parsi rooster, Himalayan cherries and Butterfly in Indian colours, to build an identity for her clothes.

Little brats from 2-9yrs old can literally live in her kurtas, shirts, shorts and bermudas, treating them as pieces of existence with little care while creating mayhem indoors or outdoors. With extremely easy machine wash instructions the fabric softens, aging well, yet perfect looking to be worn by other siblings down the years- a true sign of luxury which lasts ……The dolls look pretty in Loulou des Indes linen or cotton drop crotch salwar, jersey baniyan top, frock, skirt, cotton bikini, kurta, onsie dress, within the price range of Rs.1500-3500. The latest addition to her collection are hats, sleepwear and the French iconic la Mariniere “Brenton or the French sailor shirts” giving more classic fashion options to the young ones.

On a smaller scale she also creates pieces for 0-2yrs old babies, as limited editions. Gives full credit to her manufacturer who made her dream possible by developing clothing lines at par with international standards; in future she plans to retail in countries like Japan and Singapore. Inspired by Japanese aesthetics and style she will swim across oceans to create a niche through her designs simply driven by comfort. The need to beat the best made it easy for me to zero down the label to be featured on my blog.

Loulou des Indes retails at Lola’s World, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi and Bungalow 8 in Mumbai, India. If you’re interested in keeping a tab on their latest and trunk shows visit the facebook page. Make amazing gift items for kids which are hiply wrapped in boxes made of recycled paper with a screen printed image of a Pichwai style cow….their logo.

To view this childrenswear first-hand, do go for the Kids Spring Pop-Up Bazaar between 9am-6pm at B-16 Vasant Vihar(front house) Thursday,21st March,2013, amongst many other similar brands.

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