Peter d’Ascoli


A New Yorker by birth, with strong Italian roots from his grandparents and a French wife, coupled with over two decades of Indian influence, sums up Peter d’Ascoli’s  diverse and cosmopolitan approach to design. According to him, it is important for one to know what they are good at, or, what one can do or can’t do? Thus he passionately concentrates on re-creating rich and diverse cultures and history of decorative arts in India, his home for the last seven years. This zealous delight is translated in his use of textiles which are his obsession.

When you enter his design studio, it is overwhelming. Statement prints, solid coloured textile swatches picturing Indian, European and Japanese heritage wallart, adorn all walls. He animatedly talks about being at the right place at the right time as the present day Indian renaissance bridges the gap of Old India with New India. Being a pioneer of the vintage look in the U.S., he easily justifies the expensive cotton, linen and silk fabrics by narrating their tales and tastefully mixing shiny with rough or organic with industrial textures, giving them contemporary yet historic links.

India has been dominating the global textile trade for many years. Talianna Studio’s silk, known for its sexiness and opulence, is procured from an export house in Benguluru, Linen for its crispness and beautiful drape is currently from South Korea, but will be sourced locally soon.  As for Cotton’s textural and rustic feel d’ascoli has turned to the richness of Tamil Nadu.

Peter’s eclectic mix of devout traditionalism with severely classic and the very modern, speaks well of his truly luxurious brand. His aesthetic sensibilities, technical understanding of textiles and dedication to quality eventually produces exclusivity in small batches; just like the Trappist Beer which is brewed in Belgian monasteries by the monks and known for its impeccable quality.

The former Diane  Von Furstenberg studio director enjoys demystifying the process for architects and designers by creating design styles and moods under their direction. Presently, d’ascoli and Company are busy preparing Tarun Tahiliani’s marquee for the upcoming Vogue Wedding Show, showcasing a Mughal fantasy theme; beautiful textile like a wrapper for the candy. For him, customization for hotels and residences is very challenging and exciting as it involves understanding and displaying the soul of the place – Fabric exhibit’s power, wealth and prestige, in this hedonistic world.

New Delhi, with its Indian summer and other drawbacks has never been a deterrent to shifting from New York, as he naturally adapted to this culturally rich country. Unlike many expats, he joyfully soaks in the Indian hospitality and spirituality, giving due credit to his Indian designer friends for the success.

So if you desire this storyteller’s unique and bespoke furnishing fabrics, don’t hesitate to contact him on DASCOLI@DASCOLIandCOMPANY.COM, for his designs can be a riveting new revelation that will surprise you time after time. Enticing you to bring something back from his fantasy world…… perhaps you’d fancy a Shamiana inside the house .

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