“A witty woman is a treasure; a witty beauty is a power” in the words of George Meredith, rings a bell for all beauty queens or celebrities who have made it imperative to look good and feel good at all times in this competitive world. The aging factor, skin type, lifestyle and of course the need to spend conservatively on pure contents, drew me towards Oilcraft Naturals which believes in blending ancient traditions of aromatherapy with a modern approach to well-being. Four years ago, Neena Dube Tiwari‘s glowing skin captivated me, as she is a walking advertisement for her skin products. I couldn’t help thinking how nearly every woman would give an arm and a leg for that perfect radiant skin.Genetic endowment coupled with lifestyle and food habits matter, however one should try not to forget that a beauty regimen suited for one’s age group can also do wonders to one’s skin.

During her first pregnancy Neena desired completely natural products, fragrant and easily usable and accessible within the confines of her home. Living in the States, previously, had spoilt her for choice of ‘Green’ personal care products. Once in India, the financial consultant in Risk Management, found a gaping hole in this segment and so decided to get neck-deep into Oilcraft Naturals, developing ‘Green’ personal care products with Rajeev,her husband and his 110 year old family-owned perfumery in Kannauj, UP and Kolkata; which works in adherence to the ancient science of Ayurveda. After a lot of R&D with the unadulterated therapeutic oils and natural distillates Body, Hair and Facial care, Essential oils, Soaps and interesting Zodiac blends were created.

From the entire product range the anti-aging or good skin regime products come very highly recommended. According to Neena, one can make any skin type look wonderful over a period of time as aging is not just about correction but also prevention. She enthusiastically advocates using just these 5 wellness products for good skincare. A facial mist (Rose, Mogra or Panchpushp) is essential first to cleanse, tone and restore the PH levels of the skin during the scorching hot Indian summers and humid monsoons. The Rose Gel scrub that deeply exfoliates to reveal a fresh new complexion as the gel base ensures deep reach into the epidermis and is advised thrice a week, followed up with a Collagen Mask, treating wrinkles while keeping the skin supple and smooth. The mask is extremely beneficial for sensitive, dry and mature skins and can also be used for de-tanning, twice a week. At night, a daily use of an anti-aging serum is advised using upward and outward hand movements that helps combat pigmentation, fine lines, age-spots, sun-spots, tanning, uneven skin tone, dryness and dullness. Lastly by applying Cocoa Shea butter with SPF 25 it works as an excellent moisturizer with exceptional healing properties.

In the plethora of eco-friendly Ayurvedic products that adopt aggressive marketing strategies and use fancy packaging, it was difficult for me to choose the best, while keeping in mind all the suggested beauty diktats: Naturally cultivated and harvested, Not treated on animals, Environment friendly, Based on Ayurvedic recipes, Grown and processed by local population, Processed without any child labour and Processed in accordance with Fair Trade Practices are some merits of these ‘Green’ products. Oilcraft Naturals-Ayurveda Simplified website gives us an option of online shopping for the devout fan of THE alternative beauty option.