A Victor Hugo quote “To love beauty is to see light” reminded me of Lightbox‘s viewpoint as  lighting consultants, for all spaces.

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Light is considered the fourth dimension of architecture. Lightbox focuses on providing lighting solutions with a new perspective while supporting architects and interior designers. These lighting consultants aesthetically study wall finishes, colours, flooring, furniture design, the function or utility of the space and the mood, before recommending a piece. They specialize in decorative, architectural and outdoor lighting catering to discerning global travelers who are pretty clued in with the latest design trends or have  become desirous of them,of late.

For an uberstylish client’s  residence, Lightbox made architectural, interior decorative and landscape lighting changes. The client had a specific requirement for mood lighting-dimmed down with a warm glow during the evenings but functional for reading, whenever required. Architectural lighting was suggested to create a warm dimming effect. The same house also boasted of an amazing art collection which was kept in mind while recommending decorative lighting, without competing for attention. It’s main atrium lobby had a 25ft tall installation which could be viewed from different levels of the house. The facade and landscape lighting highlighted areas of interest.

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All areas for lighting can be covered through Sharika Nath-Radhu and Ritika Nanda’s  varied portfolio representing European brands like Occhio, Moooi, Bocci, Brand Van Egmond, Vibia, Foscarini-Diesel, Flos, Verpan, LZF, Catellani & Smith, and more. They have carefully chosen brands which cater to both the client and the company’s philosophy without overlapping each other’s styles or functions- baroque classical, modern classical to retro design. Suspension lights, table lamps, floor lamps, architectural fittings and outdoor lighting have been recommended for homes, corporate offices, hotels and outdoors. Though their price range begins with approx. Rs.5000, but truly the sky is the limit. After my market survey I realized that they had the best prices to offer with reasonable overheads, paving a way for an organized sector.

It’s exciting to see niche areas of architecture and interior design handled by industry experts in a maturing Indian market. Coming from a family-run lighting business of over 15 yrs., Sharika and Ritika decided to diversify as consultants, who understand the finer nuances of  design, functionality and technicality e.g. wiring and IP rating(International Protection rating which determines how waterproof, dust/solid object proof a lighting fitting is). Lightbox, New Delhi based, showcases out of an upmarket basement studio at 17, Community centre, New Friends Colony. If one is keen on taking their advice, backed with relevant industry knowledge and great taste you could contact them on +91 11 416 72 741/72 or +91 98 101 35 925 after viewing and getting a feel of the nature of their work.

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