GYMBOREE- Play & Music

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HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY……..most beautifully spent with your little bundles of  joy.

Creativity, Confidence, Friendship– all starts at Gymboree by stretching your child’s rapidly developing body and mind and preparing him/her for life. Gymboree began in 1976 when Joan Barnes, a mother from Marin County, California, tried to find a safe, fun place featuring age-appropriate activities for parents and young children to play together and very obviously started her own program.

Jaya Punj Modi, the franchise owner in Delhi, first witnessed these classes in Singapore and realized her calling was working with kids, watching them paint, sing, laugh and thoroughly enjoy!!!! The sheer simplicity of this program drew her interest. It was a change for her, to see a play school specialize in parent-child fun and interaction, encouraging a child’s development while helping the parents understand them better. The importance of spending quality time with one’s child, bonding and connecting were highlighted; a concept fulfilling the needs of a nuclear family.

At Gymboree, the interesting part is parents’ participation, which is made imperative as children learn best when the parents enter their world of play and imagination. This support is important for a child’s healthy emotional development, building trust between parent and child, and helping children feel more confident to explore and learn. Relationships and experiences children have during the initial years play a crucial role in the development of their brain, having an impact on their future.

What’s fabulous is a ‘yes’ environment which is created, as playing and learning is inseparable. This environment encourages children to freely move, play and explore safely. Entire equipment is designed by Jay Beckwith, one of the “fathers of the modern playground”, in U.S.A., who created every structure with the needs of 0-5yrs old children in mind. Play, music and art classes are scheduled between 9am & 6pm throughout the week, at Gymboree. These internationally acclaimed classes are of 45min duration, held once a week jointly for the parent and child. All children are encouraged to problem-solve, think creatively, gain self-esteem, and grow to be independent learners, while participating at their own pace.

So now parents can relax and breathe easy, as Gymboree also helps in organizing children’s birthdays till they are 5 yrs. of age. With personalized touches for fun themes like farm yard fun, jungle safari, sports galore, super heroes, all around the kitchen, ocean adventure, all abroad trains and princess playhouse with play, music and art activities which are conducted by lively Gymboree teachers.

It is a warm, bright, cheerful place. And thankfully our little munchkins are handled with kid gloves in temperature controlled and cushioned flooring classrooms, all kept clean with disinfectants daily. Don’t miss the innovative Gymboree toys available at the centre; great options to recreate children’s classroom experiences at your homes.

Gymboree Play & Music,

Gurudwara Nanaksar Premises,

S-blk, G.k.-II, New Delhi-110048. 

 +91 99 100 90734/35

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