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“I write about Travel because I love to travel. I only value authentic information. I believe that time is the ultimate luxury and I want to maximise great experiences and minimize poor ones. I am committed to Conscious Travel that is environmentally and socially responsible.” Fiona Caulfield, creator of Love Travel Guides.


A global citizen born in Australia, lived in UK, USA, Canada and since 2004 has been in India.  She has a high profile career as a futurist and branding consultant. Is an avid traveler, explorer and a self-confessed luxury vagabond, who has a discerning eye for experiences that set a destination apart.

The journey to conceptualization of Love travel guides is a very interesting one. During Fiona’s first visit to Kolkata she yearned for authentic Bengali food and the quest led her to three best Bengali restaurants; a women’s cooperative serving recipes that have been handed down for generations, another, a warm family in a home full of antiques, and the third a hip, orange decor Bengali delight. 

Valuing a local lady’s insightful information she further inquired about textiles and socially aware craft centres and realized Kolkata seemed to be opening up! Her craving for experiences, more than just the museums and other historic sights, helped her dig up intimate details giving this ‘City of Joy’a real zing. She realized that the time seemed perfect to fall in love with cities ‘outside the west’. Went back to New York, only to resign from her job and get started with her new project on returning to India; where the universe mystically helped her manifest her dreams with a new set of friends, a home at the Imperial Hotel, Delhi, and a name for her guides: LOVE.

After few years of extensive travel and regular updates from locals her Love Travel Guide Indian series comprises of Love Bengaluru, Love Delhi, Love Jaipur, Rajasthan, Love Mumbai, Love Goa, Love Kerala, Love Chennai, Love Kolkata and Love Hyderabad. Outside India she has just started with Love Sri Lanka.

 “These cherishable guides are gold mines of local know how. I was so impressed. For one thing, it’s their appearance: each is hand-bound using old Indian paper making techniques, with a hand-woven, khadi cover and sold in a khadi pouch with a silk trim. I cherish the slubbed pages and rough hewn edges. Another reason I rely on them is because Caulfield’s local knowledge is compelling, especially her encyclopaedic shopping savvy – always handy in India. I’ll never shop in India again without her. The loving way she compiled them is a rarity in the mass-produced guide book market.” Financial Times UK

“It looks, and feels, like a book of secrets. And so it is: all the savvy insider knowledge a traveller craves is here.” Weekend Australian

“Love stories – A guide pretty enough to give as a gift” Conde Nast Traveller, UK

“For the discerning traveller who wants authenticity in style” The Times of India

These guides can also be innovatively customized for corporates with personalized author inscriptions, book plate, dedication page or embroidered silk pouch. Ten percent of their sale profit goes to Love Travel Guides Foundation which helps conscious organizations and charities that undertake social or environmentally sustainable work in India.

You should view their list of stockists on in Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Delhi, Chennai, Goa, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, and Varanasi to possess your very own handbook for luxury vagabonds

Fiona Caulfield


Hardys Bay Publishing Pvt Ltd

Embassy Building, 6 High Street, Apt 102,

Cooke Town,

Bangalore, India, 560005

+91 98863 97381

Facebook: Love Travel




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