ekà ‘made in india’ women’s wear label

“The only real elegance is in the mind; if you’ve got that, the rest really comes from it.”

— Diana Vreeland

ekà ( ek in sanskrit ) means one; collectively master craftsmen i.e. weavers, dyers, block makers, embroiders and textile printers help in creating a discerning woman’s clothing using traditional textile techniques. Like all hand crafted textiles the label’s fuss is about the finest counts of khadi, indigo dyes, unique block prints like ‘Saudagiri’ and ‘Agrakh’, layered handmade indigo dyed voiles with ‘kantha’, luxurious light weight cottons in random shapes, suited for a sombre and individualistic fashion statement. Woven linen, khadi or wool in colour monotones are given little detailing without taking away from the natural characteristics of these fabrics.

Globally the brand is seen at toffee-nosed boutiques like EGG in London, run by Maureen Doherty, previously a muse of Issey Miyake. She has beautifully curated the shop with a zen-like feel as everything from clothes,to linen and handcrafted household items are all simple and chic with a character. It is primarily frequented by the real design makers and artists alike; an insider’s secret as the quintessential cult shop which goes beyond the known luxury and high street brands. Another address Livingstone Studio at Hampstead village in London, encourages niche brands like ekà for their creativity and innovation. And 69B, at Broadway Market touted to be the “hippest place in the world” by Italian Vogue, is a store for forward thinking designers and brands. Well-known e-portals Plumo.com and Youmustcreate are also playing a key role in making the contemporary sustainable fashions available to many more.

Through trade shows ekà has been successful in drawing like-minded stores e.g. Erica Tanov, Poole Shop, Pied Nu in U.S. of A., Scarlett Jones in Australia  and Aman in Lamu, Kenya to showcase their seasonal  lines. It’s sublime fashion with a conscience helps in elevating the living conditions of the really talented but needy craftsmen belonging to the small craft clusters of rural India.

Ensemble, Ogaan, Good Earth, en Inde in Delhi, Bombay Electric in Mumbai, Cinnamon and Raintree in Bangalore and Amethyst in Chennai are the names of Indian stores carrying this label. Design One and Trunk Show, two exclusive exhibitions for the well heeled in Delhi and Mumbai, also manage to draw the correct Indian clientele for ekà.

A Wigan and Leigh College, U.K. alumni, Rina Singh, honed her skill-set at Wills Lifestyle. In 2010 once feeling more settled in motherhood, she returned from her sabbatical to launch her label internationally with the help of her husband, Sandeep Dua. A fashion development degree and years of experience with Japanese clients worked for Dua, as an excellent learning curve, since the early stages of his career. Eon clothing formed a base of working with Japanese aesthetic sensibilities,for the husband-wife duo, while providing design and textile research and development services.

Now, ekà proudly presents a ‘Made in India’ tag, creating value amongst the au courant and fashionably evolved, world-over. Their anti-shape variety includes tunics, tops, dresses, pants, stoles and short wraps within the price range of $60-350. Do view  ekà’s latest creations on their facebook page or website to make up your mind before scheduling a trip to her studio.You too, could rev up your style quotient by demystifying celebs ensemble with  Rina Singh, a Gurgaon-based designer, via email info@eka.co | rinasingh@eonclothing.net

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  1. Lakshmi Loves To Shop says:

    Very nice…I will look for this brand when I’m next in Chennai and Bangalore…thank you 🙂

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