Think food think happiness

This post is a tribute to the thousands of people who have lost their lives during the inevitable Himalayan tsunami- an environmental catastrophe accelerated by human greed? How unpredictable life is…. all this reminds me to live life to the fullest, taking each day as it comes.

Without arguing, most of us would agree that the two essentials of life, food and love still hold prime importance in our existence on this planet. This leads me to review cookbooks, even though published a few years ago, emphasize on celebrating life by entertaining friends and family on a daily basis; a completely vegetarian fare which caught my fancy.

Meals, Menu & More
Meals, Menu & More

Meals, Menus & More-Exotic Vegetarian Cuisine for all Occasions

Authors– Sangita Biyani, Manjri Agarwal, Anju Poddar

Publisher-Spenta Multimedia

Three Marwari women living in different cities came together as food veterans bringing to the table India’s rich heritage and culture. These contemporary women believe in the power of food and are passionate about sharing their kitchen stories and well-kept secrets as an ideal guide for the perfect hostess. Along with the some authentic Marwari, Gujarati, South-Indian mix they’ve shared menus, tips and recipes for special occasions like weekend meals, finger bites, fasting, food offered to the brahmins in the memory of our deceased relatives, ritualistic variants, suggestions for new mothers during delivery and nursing without forgetting our big fat  Indian weddings. What fascinated me most in this book, is a mention of super easy generations-old cures from the kitchen and special diet requirements for diabetics, milk and wheat intolerants also including our main lifestyle problem, hypertension patients.

For any query contact the seasoned chefs at or

Pure & Simple
Pure & Simple

Pure & Simple – Homemade Indian Vegetarian Cuisine

Author- Vidhu Mittal

Publisher- Roli Books

Moving onto the basics with step-by-step photographs of over 100 classic and contemporary vegetarian recipes, Pure and Simple helps prepare lip-smacking Indian dishes. This fabulous book has won a prestigious Gourmand World Cookbook Award. Whether you are whisking yogurt or kneading dough, each recipe includes step-by-step photographs so that you can make sure you are achieving the right result at each stage. It also includes information on spices, vegetables, and kitchen tools, along with useful tips for each recipe. A separate section caters to cooking processes which is helpful for both beginners and experienced cooks. The book has been translated in German and French, along with a separate US edition. It is now in its 5th reprint, with popular demand. 

Vidhu Mittal is soon going to start her cooking classes in Delhi, as done earlier in Bangalore while residing there, of vegetarian Indian and international cuisines. For further details you could contact her through or mobile: +91 9818900966. 

They’re both “must-have” cookbooks for a newly married woman living in a nuclear family, whose entire world rests on her mom’s advice at the nick of time. Kudos to our mothers and grandmothers who’ve always made it look so simple to run an ENTIRE household, without any creases on their foreheads.

These were the most cherished gifts, my mother gave my younger sister when she got married; assuring her ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’.  

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