Floored by art

This year at India Design ID 2013 I came across a really interesting exhibition of limited edition carpetsFly your own carpets to your wall” of museum quality with works of legendary artists and designers, woven by Sunil Sethi Design Alliance; in aid of various animal welfare activities for People for Animals.

Prominent designers Manish Arora, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Rohit Bal, Ritu Kumar and Madhu Jain & Milind Suman had lent their design ideas for this noble cause. I personally loved designer Rajesh Pratap Singh’s 5’7’’ carpet titled ‘Tailorhead’- a skull of a tailor with an intricate mix of the tools of their trade, cutting shears, dress designs etc.; forms which at all times are in their heads. Also his other black and white carpet with a pair of love birds sitting on a branch facing each other seemed so beautifully etched that it’s difficult to typify it as contemporary or classic art form.

M.F. Husain, Jehangir Sabavala, S.H. Raza, Ram Kumar, Manjit Bawa, Bose Krishnamachari, Jayasri Burman, Paresh Maity, Sujata Bajaj, Thukral and Tagra, Senaka Senanayake, Chittrovanu Mazumdar, Binoy Verghese, Amit Amabablal, Manu Parekh and G.R. Iranna were the legendary artists whose art too has been reproduced. But my favourites were Thota Vaikuntam’s signature colourful and elaborately dressed Telangana region man and woman and Manish Pushkale, Yogesh Mahida and Farhad Husain’s contemporary abstract designs.I noticed how very interestingly a varied mix media artists were chosen to depict different facets through these truly unique carpets.

The pure New Zealand wool used to weave these carpets is unique to its region and is 100% natural with consistent quality. Sunil Sethi Design Alliance which specializes in projects, high on creativity and aesthetic sense, chose the best wool in the world since it’s exceptionally pale and can be dyed in any colour. It has an in-built resistance to soiling because of its natural oils. Stains can easily be removed by gently dabbing with lukewarm water. Refined New Zealand wool is pure, and therefore is well suited for manufacturing high quality carpets. Despite undergoing manufacturing processes its look and feel remains the same without losing its natural characteristics.

Since I’ve always been on a look-out for niche products to create an individuality, I thought these carpets made with a unique medium of art, which is truly luxurious and novel for the names associated with this project. Their versatility can now adorn the floors or walls providing an interesting dimension to any space. As any piece of art their prices vary between 1 to 20 Lacs depending on the artist or designer.

Each year People of Animals brings together one-of-a-kind art exhibition e.g. t-shirts designed by 33 top designers, 250 best photographers and 250 ceramicists showcasing their works on separate occasions, the oleographs of Raja Ravi Varma, antique European lithographs, ancient tiles from old havelis or gem encrusted Kanhai paintings of Srinathji, in India. View PFA’s Flooredbyart carpet exhibition online or contact by writing an email to carpets@flooredbyart.in…. though calling +91 11 26821990/26842180 to book an appointment will be more fruitful.


Sunil Sethi Design Allaince

209, Okhla Industrial Area



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