Opulence made privy

Full Name:Nagina Waters

Owner:Nagina Waters Luxury Bath Collection

Area:Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi 

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My foray into the bathroom retail business started in 1976, while in U.K. I helped build and develop a well known brand West One Bathrooms into a renowned business in London.

What triggered off your thoughts to start this niche venture?

Being of Indian descent, watching the growth of the economy in India I decided to take a leap and bring my expertise into the Indian market in 2008. I felt it was the right time to take advantage of high net worth individuals’ evolving tastes with the onset of international luxury market.

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What are the brands showcased by Nagina Waters?

We carry a number of exclusive brands, such as THG Paris and Cristal et Bronze Paris. The majority of the products are exclusively marketed under the Nagina Waters umbrella and so they are more recognized as NW products.   

What are the services and products you offer?

We offer an eclectic international collection of the most luxurious fittings and accessories associated with bathrooms and powder rooms in India, being in a league of our own. Our mirrors and lighting can be used in any part of the house along with a vast range of waste bins, tissue boxes, coat & valet stands and trolley/table etc.

The fittings are made of 100% brass ingot with different polishes, one being 24 microns gold plating; which come with matching accessories. Along with the porcelain, ceramic and chemically fused glass, we also offer unique materials like Ceralite (comes with a warranty of 50 yrs.), Cristal plant (100% recyclable, practically fireproof, strongly UV resistant and non-porous) and treated wood basins.

The quality of the fittings that we recommend can only be done if one has the knowledge and experience to support the products with a back-up service, which is second to none, whenever required. The maintenance of the products we market is offered front end along with cleaning polishes which are made available with expert knowledge while selling.



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Approximately how long does it take to execute a bathroom project?

To plan or design a bathroom will take a few days from brief to design; ordering fittings amongst the given choices of 30 metal finishes can be quite mind boggling!!! (So that’s the kind of bespoke service we offer) I would like to take safely 5-6 weeks for ordering and supplying the fittings. The installation is another story as it depends on the civil works that has to be done beforehand. But once done, with the fittings on site, it generally takes about 1 week to 10 days, for it to look picture perfect.

Who are your potential clients?

Developers, 5 star hotels, business houses, private homes,new build towers, Bollywood celebrities; DISCRETION PROHIBITS US FROM GIVING NAMES

Is there an advice you would like give to your prospective discerning client?

Yes!!! Follow your heart and have what you want in your home, don’t keep up with the Jones/Guptas…… go past them!

Fulfill your dreams of living like a king, as the variety offered is mush more than I could describe in words; can get as OTT or completely zen-like seductive depending on your taste.

Take an appointment with the affable Jean@naginawaters.com

or call +91 9999905719 to confirm the same.



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