Sleeping is an ART; support it!

The Australian designer Vanessa Sofia, with 4 yrs. prior experience at PRADA and other known brands, decided to head back home to settle down and start a family.  Yet thinking and dreaming luxury at all times eventually culminated into a premium brand of sleepwear of her own, which fusses over practically everything; material, design, fit and also the end result packaging, equally fancy. Gingerlilly excels in the art of selling or I should say creating a luxurious bedroom experience.

Their women’s sleepwear in silk, satin and modal cotton with lacy detailing, being just the PERFECT GIFT FOR HER, has very recently been launched in India, also. I know Valentine’s is not round the corner, but when in love one doesn’t need an occasion to gift. One also doesn’t need a perfect figure to don these smartly tailored pyjamas, singlets, boy shorts and gowns, as the material is cut diagonally to get the best fit in small, medium, large and extra large; retaining a dual sizing fit. Till now in Australia, it has been successfully encouraging wishful thinking amongst women between a wide age group of 16-65yrs. old. for figure flattering bodies, with their sleepwear for all seasons.

Gingerlilly secretly works on the psychology of the sophisticated women’s weight fluctuation woes and the men’s dilemmas of purchasing just the PURRRFECT gift to please their lady love.

Each season’s fabric and design is so exclusive that they only manufacture a certain number. Vanessa, makes it a point to attend the major fashion weeks internationally, to keep abreast with the latest and incorporate the likes of many all over the world into her niche brand. After finding confidence on homeground, Gingerlilly is slowly and steadily inching towards becoming a premium brand across all continents. It is designed in Australia and manufactured in AAA class factories in China, which I was told have mastered the best fits in the entire world. When I came across this brand initially, the first thing that caught my attention was their beautiful packaging. It gets really fancy with the silk sets, as they are their most premium range, and so are romantically presented it in a musical box. Aplomb yet with a price range well within Rs.3500 for a slinky slip upto Rs.7000 for the premium silk sets; they are just the pieces of clothing required for a blissful night.

Megha Taluja Puri, found the irresistible Gingerlilly while participating in trade fairs in Australia, and became it’s die-hard fan. With an astounding success at this season’s exhibitions, within a month of it’s arrival, she anticipates the brand expansion to other Indian cities, as international exposure makes luxury more desirable. On a high already, she is excited about introducing their men, junior and baby collections in the years to come.

View the collection on and to let the magic begin………

If I’ve succeeded in tantalizing you regarding Gingerlilly sleepwear do not forget to take an appointment with Megha by calling +91 98184 69445 or emailing at the earliest, as they are already on their way to becoming a sell out, for this season.



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