Accessories one would lovetobag

Metal Beads Pouch

“I’m thinking balls are to men, what purses are to women. It’s just a little bag but we’d feel naked in public without it.”

— Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw (“Sex And The City”)

Lovetobag’s   signature styles, fusion and vintage, successfully attract the whimsical yet arrived woman between an age group of 25-45 yrs. It’s all about their many dreams, moods, places to go to etc.

Chic and completely functional Lovetobag Handbags and Clutches emphasize on contemporary styling and fine detailing with exceptional quality. Intricately handcrafted, these products have a flavour of India with an international appeal. Distinguished by its unconventional use of embroidery, prints, metal fittings and fabrics, each product is made from the purest silk, satin and leather.

Lovetobag derives its inspiration from many things; Indian arts and crafts, history and architecture, without giving our everyday items a miss. This brand has been conceptualized and designed by Ayushi Kanoi, who is based out of Kolkata. Her primary influences have been her mother, Uma Kanoi, a fashion designer and the time spent in New Delhi while studying Fashion Management Studies at NIFT.

While in Delhi, Ayushi and her friend excitedly experimented with the samples from the friend’s handbag manufacturing unit; unearthing the artist within. She got lucky to hone her skill set at a buying house in Gurgaon for about 2 yrs. All this experience and a B.B.A. degree made her confident enough to take it to another level by launching Lovetobag in 2011.

The young lady has put together a team of highly skilled ‘kaarigars’ in both Delhi and Kolkata capitalising on their creativity for different techniques. Their quality is sought to be the best as all hardware is imported. Zardozi, type of embroidery found in Iran, India and Pakistan, is beautifully handcrafted on the vintage trousseau clutches. Many types of handiwork have been used for the fusion line which is great for the semi-casual and formal occasions.

Each season Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter, Ayushi finds her joie de vivre in finding a whole new way of presenting her style. Recently the talented lass is going gungho about collars and costume jewellery, adding another feather to her cap. So if you’re an accessory freak this brand is a sure ‘must-have’ for your wardrobe.

I’ve been told to stay tuned with bated breath as lovetobag  is coming to our doorstep with an estore, in the coming months, while is an option, at present. Till then one can fix the shopaholic urge by visiting the following stores in various Indian cities:
Aza, Ogaan, Laffaire, Second Floor Studio- New Delhi
Fuel, Aza, Ensemble, Atosa- Mumbai
Elan, Avakasa- Ahmedabad

Anushree Choudhary-Indore

Bombaim, Vasundhara – Kolkata

Neon, Collage- Bangalore


Tijorie- New York



Leather Mini Ladylike Bag copy





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