Homemade Muslim Cuisine from Humaira’s Kitchen


I have decided to push the envelope a bit further and try harder to scout around for niche products and services in the true sense. Hoping this feature fits the bill for many with the upcoming EID, and the onset of festive season in India. As noticed the metropolitan cities are becoming more secular and look for reasons to celebrate differently. Humaira Chhatari, a young mother of an 8 year old boy, comes from a family full of foodies. She has always enjoyed cooking for friends and family. Hailing from an affluent Muslim family in Calcutta got married in a hardcore Muslim town in Uttar Pradesh, Aligarh. Thankfully with no real push comes to shove for earning a living, life has found it’s own ways of egging her into being productively and passionately occupied. Now she judiciously juggles her work between Noida and at the family farms in Aligarh.


With a lot of coaxing from friends and cousins, in October last year, she started off with a small catering outfit in her spare time. The dishes on her menu might not be too many but they are truly finger-licking secret recipes from her near and dear ones belonging to different parts of India-Hyderabad, Assam, Bengal and Aligarh. Each region, even within states, has a completely different way of making and eating many of the well-known dishes, just like the dialects spoken in this country. This amalgamation of various authentic flavours, sum up the best foods of her family e.g. her mother is originally from Gujarat, whose family were traders visiting Burma for work very often, now they serve Khow Suey just like any other regional foods.  


The thing to be appreciated is her concern for using the best possible spices, oils, vegetables, meats and other ingredients, as used for cooking for the family. The garam masala is ground in the house and all these are got from down south, Bangalore. The lady is extremely particular about using less oil and spices, combined with the latest cooking methods which help in making these usually heavy foods, easily digestible and perfect even for the health conscious. She enjoys catering to smaller groups of people upto 35; as she relies heavily on her personal touch while cooking despite having an excellent staff.  


  You can contact Humaira at +91 9818 8811 10 keeping in mind that she resides at SV 2, Flat 902, Eldeco Utopia, sector 93 A, Noida, which is easily accessible from the Greater Noida Expressway. The only hitch for some food lovers could be the distance but as timed by her, between her residence and Khan Market it takes barely half an hour since the food has to be picked up in your own utensils. Savour yummies like Kheema, Nahari, Mutton stew, Raan, Muthia, Achari Gosht, Mutton Shami Kabab and obviously much more given options of Chicken and Lamb, while the vegetarians can relish some preferred specialties, accompanied with desserts. If you are lucky, with some gentle persuasion you can get much more than what the menu has to offer. HAPPY CELEBRATIONS!!!!

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  1. Kamal Kumar (Uttam Toyota) says:

    I was not aware that you are so famous cook otherwise 1 dish mera bhi banta he.You can remember me the one who deliver you the Innova.

    1. Unfortunately she doesn’t get to view your comment as this blog is not her’s. So kindly contact her directly.

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