A Wedding lineup epitomizing luxury

This is your wedding.

Do what you love.

Invite the people you want.

Dance to the songs that bring you joy.

Eat the best food you’ll ever have.

Enjoy all moments.

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With each post I am trying to outdo myself so with the onset of wedding season I would like to present  Weddingline, India’s premier Wedding Consultancy service set up in 2009 by Chetan Vohra and Arpita Gandhi , two seasoned and well known professionals in the entertainment and events industry. It encompasses everything a wedding would require, functioning like a genie Your Wish is my Command

Chetan, whose career spans the likes of Tata Tea to heading Wizcraft, seems to be really enjoying his latest  venture, The Line Network – a parent company of Line Communications, a corporate events company and Weddingline, India’s first Wedding Consulting Service. With an impressive clientele, he is confident to have changed the way people think about Wedding Management in India. Being a branding champ he believes in chasing clients not their wallets as word of mouth publicity works better and speaks volumes.

Arpita Gandhi, who co-founded the Line Network, is known for her eye in detailing and quality control e.g. materials, florals, design aesthetics, brand guidelines or even recruiting staff, are all looked into as micro functions which translate into achieving high standards of delivery; literally eating their own hat with every assignment. “The need to pre-empt what a guest may need at the wedding, or what look a client may like, and how best all of this can be fitted into a budget, is what we are all about” states the lady who excels in using the inherent qualities of a woman in all spheres.

Both Chetan and Arpita credit the success of Weddingline to Aliya Vij and Vishal Chand Mehra who are the real eager beavers behind the scenes. Aliya, a Management Consultant from KPMG, opted to pursue her love for creativity in 2011; helps establish SOPs (Standard Operating Practices) and policies. Vishal, prior to this was into branding and marketing Svaasa, his family’s Heritage Boutique Spa Haveli in Amritsar. After joining in early 2012, he looks into key client co-ordination. 

Having assisted the global legend Preston Bailey (known for his theatrical installations and floral arrangements) and being clearly influenced by him, Weddingline boasts of its creativity using natural surroundings and designs to suit every price point. Thinking out-of-the-box has become their second nature as insignificant areas are also worked upon to create a wow factor e.g. a driver’s lounge, 5 star loos for guests, taking drunk invitees back to their rooms safely, to organizing sari drapers, make-up artists and stylist for ‘baraatis’, bride or the groom. This outfit goes to any lengths to please its client with an ambulance at the venue, inventory management for the client at each function, local SIM cards for the international guests, procuring licenses for the celebrations like PPL, NOC, IPRS, Fire, DCP and Liquor licensing; literally turning it into a turnkey concierge service, as each family has a different specifications.

Don’t you wish that you could let your hair down and have these elves take care of your wedding from the word go? Unbelievable is their quest for perfection, that they keep atleast a week between any two clients’ functions. So book them now as they are every-bit your money’s worth.

For appointments email: info@weddingline.in 

  Or  call +91 9999887123-chetan else +91 9871710145-arpita                    

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