Traditional contemporary garb for little Princesses


The inspiration comes from vintage clothing, lovely “mom” crafted frocks and the joy of dressing up, from Prachi Walia‘s childhood days when she never went without wearing a new dress to any party. Those dresses were nostalgically preserved and gifted to her when she got married, by her mother in a little trunk. So the idea behind this label is about revisiting her childhood and making it contemporary. The fabrics used come with memories of her mother wearing them as saris, depicting the beautiful heritage of rich Indian handloom. By adding imagination and finesse of modern tailoring, Litttle Prachee creates playfulness in design with candy colours, successfully catching the eye of little princesses from the age of 0-14 yr olds.

She believes good things take time and patience, so its slow fashion crafted in an atelier with great love and care; carefully selecting and developing handloom fabrics. The collection boasts of a beautiful mix of materials combined with traditional handcraft of “Kantha” done by craftswomen in West Bengal who are experts in telling folklores on cloth just like an artwork. Litttle Prachee also loves to use fine “Chanderi” from Madhya Pradesh, woven to their specifications, made pretty with embellishment done in the studio.

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The little girl with curly hair in the pictures is our daughter “Lavanya” our love & muse.
-Prachi & Sumit Walia

The motifs of horses, elephants, fish, sun, flora and fauna are chosen to appeal to the little clients and ignite their fantastic imagination. With a USP of ‘thinking like a child’ and winning back smiles of pride from them, Prachi pushes herself hard to take special care in choosing “child friendly” materials like butterfly net, mulmul, cotton and keeping in mind details like diaper space, using buttons instead of zips, etc. The fun part for her is adding ruffle, peplum or any other ornamentation, which without hurting becomes the girls’ object of interest; thoroughly enjoying while jumping around or prancing in Litttle Prachee garments. Quality is maintained in fine detailing that is always well defined, unique and never loud.

Coming from an Indian Army background she grew up travelling across India discovering various traditional textiles. She graduated from National Insititute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Mumbai, which was followed by a five years stint of designing for exclusive labels at Shopper’s Stop, a well known Indian department store chain; before quitting to become a full time mom.“Litttle Prachee” is her debut as an independent designer.

This label surely is a must-have in your girl’s wardrobe. At present it is being retailed at Creo in Mumbai, Kidology stores in Promenade and Pacific malls in Delhi and Chandigarh. Watch out for their space in exhibitions like Design One, Trunk Show and Akshay Pratishthan in Delhi. You’re more than welcome to get your doll’s clothes customized by this delhi-based designer by seeking an appointment on dialling +91 8860219729.

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