Bohemian-chic Jewellery inspired by Poetry


Jushmi Barooah, a young lass from Golaghat, Assam, loves to talk about her jewellery label Caitanya celebrating each day and it’s playfulness. The idea is make the simplest things look ‘Extraordinary’ , as people immersed in creativity always view everything subjectively. She studied fashion design at NIFT and further garnered more knowledge and individuality from The Chelsea College of Art and Design, London. Travelling, photography, Alice in Wonderland and spaces, poetry and thriving on creative minds are some of her hobbies which have translated into moods, themes and designs of her jewellery.

Nature to a large extent has helped her open to a rampant flow of ideas and exotic design sense, as she grew up in one of the wildest and greenest parts of Assam. Her curiosity built up spending hours in the backyard as a child, exploring, collecting and weaving stories about the tiny people who live in the garden (much like the movie ‘Arietty’, a Japanese animated film). She still does that; collects pods, birches, dryleaves, patterns of worm eaten leaves. I really enjoyed flipping through her sketchbook where random ideas were put into perspective with rough drawings, words, structures, photographs, colours and moods.

‘Nago Kaze’, Caitanya’s latest collection, is a Japanese theatrical expression, which means A Gentle Spring Breeze, of nature in poetry and folk lore. It depicts most of life’s struggles and layers (thicket) through which the human spirit manages to shine through- a bit like a fresh flower in a heap of dry leaves. Nature is often used as a metaphor to elaborate on life; it’s the emotions and mysteries influence Jushmi through poems of John Keats, G. K Chesterton and fairy folk literature. The collection ranges between Rs. 2800 to 6000/- approximately.  

‘Caitanya’ jewellery is made of 100% recycled silver with 18 carat gold gilded on it through a vermeil technique giving a soft brushed finish for a rustic look. This natural texture with bright fresh colours is inspired by dewdrops on floral blossoms. It is beautifully created with semi-precious stones like peridot, smoky, lemon and beer quartz, amethyst, blue topaz, pink and orange crystal.

She hopes to experiment with different tangible mediums and collaborate with illustrators, sculptors and creative people from various art streams; especially the northeast jewellery artists with whom she is very eager to create avant-garde collectible jewellery, while also showcasing their local art and culture.

The label ‘Caitanya’ is a Sanskrit expression, which means consciousness. Being a young blood Jushmi thinks it her responsibility to contribute 2% of the sale proceeds to Bal Ashram, an initiative of NGO Bachpan Bachao Andolan which rehabilitates victims of child labour, building a better future for several. So if you feel connected by this cause and the bohemian-chic jewellery you should buy it online on and or visit retail outlet Bombay Electric in Mumbai, Barefoot in Goa and Ffolio in Bangalore. The label loves to woo a cosmopolitan clientele who can relate to its minimalistic designs.

T:  +91 94 355 954 52

Facebook: Caitanya Jewellery

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