Kishmish treats with natural textiles

You, you may say

I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one

I hope some day you’ll join us

And the world will live as one

-‘Imagine’ by John Lenon

These lyrics unknowingly have become a philosophy which both Nikki Kalia & Rekha Bhatia live by successfully, catering to all shapes and nationalities. 6 yrs ago Rekha’s husband brought together the two textile aficionados, in his life. Kishmish (Indian name for raisin) was fondly named by them as it nostalgically reminded them of their grandmothers who treated them with it when they were little; which they now look at doing for their clients through clothing.

From me and I’m sure many others, who love a certain style which conforms to easy shapes, making comfort their top priority which is ideally simple yet aesthetic clothes, need not fret any more. Kishmish‘s  pieces are exquisitely crafted with attention to each cut and detail and further enhanced with the use of textiles which are natural, hand-woven and hand block-printed. They pre-wash cotton, silk and linen to make them soft enough to be enjoyed by the connoisseurs of good living. Each bolt of cloth is individually hand- crafted, so slubs irregularities and colour variations are inherent in their clothing. In a world inundated by technology Kishmish aims to preserve the tradition of hand-made textiles and finely tailored clothing for women. The label supports the livelihood of the rural Indian craftsman.

If you’re wondering why I decided to write about Kishmish during the festive season you’ll be surprised with their customization of wardrobes as per one’s tastes combined with the duo’s sensibilities. The solid vibrant colours perfectly compliment the bling accessories (as minimalistic is in) and more noteworthy are the clothes which do not need to vie for attention with our amazing heirloom pieces (e.g.traditional jewellery or the art deco international luxury brands). It’s the secure charismatic personality who generally avoids going over the top. Being a woman of substance she prefers the strikingly crisp attire in the some of the best textiles and silhouettes the world has to offer, to put together an unconventional look. I was personally scouting around for anything Indian yet contemporary but not the usual garish ensemble which only merges with the crowd.

Kishmish has perfected the art of drawing such clientele at stores like Patina in Nantucket, U.S.A. and Silk Chassis in London. In Mumbai they are at Ensemble, in Delhi at Ensemble, White and Good Earth, in Calcutta at Bombaim, in Bangalore at Raintree and Cinnamon, in Chennai at Amethyst, in Hyderabad at Taamara and Krizia and Pune at Sade. Through Japan Tradelink, which facilitates the small medium sized companies to source products from overseas, it is also found hung in the closets of the most quality and style conscious Japanese.

Their latest collection would be exhibited at THE TRUNK SHOW on 10th & 11th Dec.’13 at Prince of Wales Museum, Mumbai. This exhibition in a very short span of time has become one of the most sought after shows which is carefully curated with 18 edgy, talented designers from all across India. It’s done in aid of the charity Concern India Foundation. Like their fb page to get reminded about the same and later visit their studio for personalized services but with an appointment at 505 A Simla House, Napean Sea Road, Mumbai by contacting Rekha on +91 9820017663 or Nikki on +919820031361

Kishmish is proud to have grown organically, through word of mouth publicity.

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