Symetree in design

nawalgarh collection

One day while sauntering through one of the costliest high end streets of the world, enjoying the cosmopolitan crowd  amidst the affluent or bureaucratic part of Delhi which is speckled with colonial and Mughal architecture,  I came across an old moneyed Marwari group’s jewellery and vintage retail space. Symetree‘s flagship store location at Khan Market, compliments the brand’s proportional mix of luxury and creativity nostalgically for many connoisseurs.

The brothers Vikas and Abhishek Haritwal are the third generation scions of a family which shifted from Kolkatta to Jaipur for forward integration of their gem mining business which is atleast 2 decades old. Now with a production facility at Sitapura (industrial hub of the pink city) this design house has very successfully transcripted the designs off the old Nawalgarh haveli for an estate jewellery line. Estate jewellery is previously owned and usually of high quality. It can come from many time periods and is often confused with antique jewellery, which is actually meant to be at least 100 years old. Antique jewellery may be estate jewellery, but not all estate jewellery is antique jewellery (refer wikipedia). Their varied portfolio makes them experts in various techniques which is translated beautifully into all types of jewellery, rare ladies’ dressing accessories, men’s old world accessories, writing accessories and timepieces establishing a futuristic yet vintage image for this aspirational brand. The poetic outpour of molten forms happens in plenty as nearly fifty percent of their designs consist of exclusive pieces.

Emulating Bespoke Cartier creations is the only way Symetree sees itself shaping as a design house. These jewellers take pride in clearly using all skillsets like antique restoration, goldsmithing, stonesetting, engraving, fabrication, lost-wax carving, electroplating, forging and polishing the perfect art of jewellery making only by specialized craftsmen of that particular technique. As fortune favours the brave they have consistently created and collected some of the world’s amazing vintage pieces making Symetree the obvious choice for the discerning dressers, even during these economically challenging times. I admit I’m truly glamour struck who enjoys period films and fashion oriented television shows more for their ensemble than the history so for me the real feather in their cap is about being chosen as one of the 3 Indian jewellers to be favoured by the actresses at the Cannes 2013 red carpet.

With his mother as his real-life inspiration, Abhishek drew my attention to a recently added handcrafted canvas and leather strapped trunks as packaging, transporting you to the British raj easily while creating a pre-independence charm during special occasions. In India during weddings along with the bride, other members of her family are also presented jewellery gifts; as they intend to offer uniquely, beautifully wrapped in different sections. Such panache in my mind matches our bespoke global luxury standards. 

Instead of waiting for a reason to splurge go have a look at the store, as things like jewellery might need more visits than one to purchase, for not just mere revelry. It’s stores like Good Earth in Mumbai & Kolkatta or Amethyst in cities like Chennai & Hyderabad where it is at present being showcased as a progressive and innovative jewellery and design brand. As time passes by the brothers have outshone themselves with everything is beautiful but beautiful isn’t everything. 

 11 A khan mkt., new delhi-110003

phone no. +91 11 2465894/+91 989 930 0367

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