An oasis of creative luxuries


I was forwarded an invite of this store launch by a friend who actually wanted me to go for a promotional activity of another brand at this venue; since he knew of my never-ending quest for unique things and techniques which should be brought to light with much reverence I pushed myself to trek across town. Also my younger sister who shares my passion had recommended me to visit it much earlier when it was located some place else. Even though the ride into the village is something that one needs to get used to, but the Holi brunch at Serendipity calmed my nerves allowing me to soak in the different yet similar sensibilities with the displayed merchandise, on a sunday afternoon. 

In delhi’s rustic Mandi Gaon, much beyond Chattarpur metro station is Serendipity an experience which quenches your thirst for solitude and fun at the same time. This space was earlier used as labourers’ quarters and a godown but after many months of restoration it shapes into this enchanting area. I seriously reckon the old world charm of this concept store to easily become an addiction for the discerning shopper who is always on a look out for something unusual e.g. the amazing Ralli quilted jackets (patchwork traditional quilts made by women in Sindh, Pakistan, western India), Moroccan embroidery tunics, Suzanis (embroidered  textiles created as dowry by mothers for their daughters which are passed on from one generation the other in Afghanistan) on pillows and upholstery fabrics, early or mid-twentieth century furniture and obviously much more. I have to admit that there are things here which can be passed down as heirlooms since it’s production is time consuming, and are exclusive pieces favoured for their fashionable artwork globally by the aesthetically inclined elite.

I met the brain behind Serendipity, Kuldeep Kaur who is a self trained designer. She began with doing an undergraduate degree in Spanish, from Jawaharlala Nehru University(JNU). This was followed up with a MBA from the Institute of Management Technology (IMT), Ghaziabad, and some work experience in the apparel industry eventually lead to starting her own home textiles company called Better Living (since the last 10 years). 

Serendipity’s designs are a wonderful combination of Indian craftsmanship which lends it’s uniqueness in creating quality of lifestyle products such as bed linen, clothing and home decor. Things to look out for at the store is the clothing line which is purposely kept classic with an emphasis on stylish comfort so that it can be worn anywhere, anytime- as a great dress up dress down option and the kids’ collection with motifs like hot-air balloons, monkeys, giraffes etc. All current designs are made for babies from 6 mos. upto 4 yrs. so the idea is really to create something cute and happy but at the same time basic and classic. And last but not the least, furniture which is handpicked from the most unassuming places and upholstered with rich natural fabrics and exquisite embroideries that can create an air of elegance wherever placed. 

It’s ambience generated nostalgia about my old way of living, while infusing a feeling of being laid back or secure within the confines of an old haveli. In its courtyard one can have a tête-à-tête over a cup of coffee and relax by putting up your feet on their super comfortable cane couches. For the ones who are longing for some solitude on a weekly day off, the place has a therapeutic effect which is heightened by retail therapy available in the rooms surrounding it.

Serendipity aims at becoming more dynamic in the coming months with an active event calendar bringing it alive with music concerts and dance performances, artists’ workshops, sunday brunches …… and ofcourse a busy cafe.  Call # +91 9810745141/ 011 26658831 before you go to get the directions since the address is 238/4 Jonapur, (Chattarpur), New Delhi.

serendipity location

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