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“Letters have to pass two tests before they can be classed as good: they must express the personality both of the writer and of the recipient .”-  E. M. Forster

The Secret Ink , seems to me a great option for personalized luxury stationery as it pushes the envelope even further for the traditional parchment lovers; giving in to the whims and fancies of the past for the sake of memories which should last atleast a lifetime. It’s the romance of delicate illustrations with colour trends from down the ages which interprets a seemingly novel idea of ‘first impression’ to be back in vogue, after the 20th century pragmatism killed it.

Exquisite old manual skills such as embossing, hand-foiling, letter pressing, screen printing and gold hand stamping are winning The Secret Ink accolades through nested boxes, correspondence cards and wardrobe, wine tags, invitations, wrapping paper etc.

The trio Ambika Kaul, Adil Bhatia and Yasmin Kaura of The Secret Ink had a connect since high school and early work days. As they grew older a creative bond, all for the love of stationery and good design, shaped their friendship into a niche design outfit. Working with friends means a far more relaxed office atmosphere where one can easily express or doodle around with the most bizarre ideas without any apprehensions; its basically the unshackling of all conformities in a regular 9am-5pm job, which did the magic. Their camaraderie exists in constantly seeking inspiration, by sharing the latest in colour, texture or concept through the rose tinted glasses of diverse professional and educational backgrounds.

Adil Bhatia

Trained at the Parsons School of Design, has been a graphic designer since the past 15 years. He is quirky by nature and an incurable movie buff. Is always on a lookout for the latest gadget and design challenge. Being a paper and graphic design maverick, he runs YNot Design studio. The Secret Ink is his latest and most exciting venture.

Is nowadays playing on repeat:  Rez by Bass Nector

Ambika Kaul

An Economics/Management student and an amateur painter, left behind strategy days in New York, London and HongKong  to focus on her artistic sensibilities and entrepreneurial spirit. With a penchant for vintage style, she is obsessive about art, books, music and travelling. She is always seeking new ideas to make the product line more exciting and special for The Secret Ink customers. This is her third and most favourite project.

Is nowadays playing on repeat: Wagner’s Liebestod and Daylight by Maroon5

Yasmin Kaura

With a background in fashion, developed an interest in corporate communications since her days in Dubai. Mad about fashion and lifestyle products, is often found trawling the internet, shopping for ‘thingymabobs’ and ‘doodads’. Has recently published her first book ‘The Smart Merchandiser’ and is busy working on her next. Her current love is coming up with beautifully crafted stationery for The Secret Ink.

Is nowadays playing on repeat: Daft Punk’s album

Currently retailing at Full Circle Khan Mkt & G.K.- I N-block.

Will be available on from 6th July’14

 For a dialogue with them:

   Ambika Kaul  

                                       +91 9811836126                                        

  Adil Bhatia

                                               +91 9810736662                                                 

Yasmin Kaura

+91 9810120020

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