Knocked up for a holiday


A Different India’s ‘babymoon’ packages seemed a step towards sustainable relationship, as we tend to take our better halves for granted. A bond rule ….the caress, the genuine lazy smile, and body language, do make a difference since actions speak louder than words. Though it is on the wane as many young couples nowadays are coping with so much stress. So these packages help to ease their issues effectively. This time never comes back and the tension or discomfort of having a bun in the oven surely need’s an offset.

“Babymoon,” is the last trip before the baby arrives, which ADI effortlessly makes it blissful for expectant couples. Being single I thought it best to ask Pankhuri Joshi, who is at the helm of affairs with ADI for ‘Babymoon’ some relevant questions –

How did you think of introducing a new concept like ‘Babymoon’ in India?

I thought of introducing ‘Babymoon’ to ADI as it’s meant to be a totally different experience during one of the most important phases of our lives.

Was expecting last year when I joined ADI and worked through my pregnancy. But in the 9th month my baby was diagnosed with a very rare disease and I lost it despite all our efforts. My husband and I took ten days off to get over our loss. But during that hiatus this idea struck me as I reminisced over those memorable moments – this service is dedicated to our lost child.

Are there any contingency plans incase of emergencies during the vacation?

ADI only recommends expecting parents once they have sought doctor’s advice for traveling and learnt the do’s and dont’s. All destinations selected by us are in cities which have a good local hospital in the vicinity. The hotels also have a 24/7 doctor on call. The women nowadays are generally seen working till the due date. But if one can travel back and forth from work every day then it should be fine, with the doctors’ permission, to go on a well deserved ‘babymoon’.

What are the advantages of taking this holiday?

Couples get another chance to reconnect romantically by slowing down. Both the husband and wife should spoil each other silly since pretty soon there would no ‘couple time’ for years to come. (Laughingly) With no regrets obviously since you’ve signed up for motherhood!!!

One could opt for a culinary vacation to satisfy the preggers food cravings, a photo shoot capturing the couple’s glowing stance and much more.

You mentioned taking this holiday during your pregnancy…..

We went to Jaipur during the Jaipur Literature Fest and that a well spent time which I cherish today… we reconnected and discovered each other like never before with the third on board.

My doctor thought I was much better after that break as my brain was relaxed. With so much time on hand we had delightedly and peacefully planned our everyday routine with the baby. The tragic incidence has nothing to do with our vacation, in fact today I can smile looking at those photographs.

Just contact at the following details and ask them anything:

T: +91 11 64000245

M: +91 98100 86169/9910086169




A-88, Masudpur, Vasant Kunj,

New Delhi – 110070 | INDIA

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