The 3c’s for furniture-classic, chic, contemporary


“Think,Travel, Celebrate, Charm, Decorate, Dress, Live colourfully”-Kate Spade

These keywords connected so well with my soul inklings when I was off to the India design ID 2014 early this year, that I got excited to see a furniture marquee of Iqrup+Ritz which drew the same parallels. Iqrup Dhamija – the mother, learnt her art at Inchbald School of Design, London. This spirited lady began Iqrup Designs as an Interior Designer way back in 1985. She filled a vacuum for plush interiors, by taking advantage of the liberalization of Indian economy happening at that time. Being a progressive thinker, this year (2014) along with her daughter Ritika, the duo has taken the plunge to enter the world wide web to launch their retail brand Iqrup+Ritz ; closing the distance between the aesthetics of the continents which they love and admire. 


Iqrup describes her style as ‘global collector meets classic contemporary’

With the answers I got, I think the mother-daughter duo spell creativity with aplomb.

What makes you tick each day?.

Iqrup: The desire to create beautiful things and spaces.

Ritika: Each day, each week is a learning curve; whether it’s design oriented or business related. It could be something as mundane as reading about online marketing, a new production technique or the local textiles on our trips abroad.

What has been your creative relevance so far?

Iqrup: Textile and architectural details. Before Instagram made it fashionable, it was a big joke in the family that whenever we went on holiday 99% of our pictures were of grills, railings, cornices and arches.

Ritika: Nature…. holidays in the mountains, in India, and now my frequent visits to Greece since my husband belongs there, and walks in Hyde Park. I’m also lucky to live right next to some great museums and galleries like the Victoria & Albert Museum and the auction house Christies, where I often pop-in for a quick dose of inspiration.

Which design styles are you offering at present?

Iqrup: Iqrup+Ritz has a wide range of furniture styles- modern, contemporary and classic favourites. Our collections are inspired by Mid-century modern, Boho-chic and classic English styles.

We plan to launch new collections every few months; constantly evolving to create unique spaces.

Ritika: Given that my mother was trained in London and I am living there, we are both influenced by English style and design. We also love to combine pieces from different eras. Our first collection is simple and elegant with clean lines. The mid-century period is what we love, and is also seen revived in the US and Europe, now.

What design collaborations have you done so far?

Ritika: We’ve just done a design collaboration of a range of cushions with a fashion house, Patine -introducing the Ionian, Scala and Ambala series. Patine is a brand synonymous with modern interpretations of artisanal Indian embroidery and embellishment techniques. 

Iqrup: The inspiration behind the Ionian swirl design comes from the waves of the sea, hence named after the Ionian Sea. They are delicately hand embroidered using the Ari stich technique and are available in plush velvet fabric.

Which materials do you consciously choose for furniture?

Ritika: We’ve made a decision not to use tropical hardwoods like Burmese Teak, instead like to go with more sustainable woods like Beech, Pine and Acacia.


Ritika describes her style as ‘lived in chic with bursts of colour’

Now with Ritika finally giving in to her inner decorista, after building an enviable CV with institutions like Oxford and Barclays Capital, London for 7 yrs, the Iqrup+Ritz team is all set to offer affordable crafted luxurious furniture to a wider audience, both in India and London.


+91 124 423 7613




+44 7774269791

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