Creating individuality with men’s fashion

Description of a quintessential Suket Dhir’s client- ‘Cold shower…well groomed hair….clean and fun underwear and socks….fused collars and cuffs…..clean shoes….creased trousers or a clean pair of denims….sunglasses….good posture and a thought of a brand new day’ framed this feature.

For a person whose staple diet was FTV midnight lingerie shows, living the hippie life in different parts of India while thriving on Osho’s spirituality for years, he has surely come of age with the launch of his eponymous label, SUKETDHIR, in 2010. The skewed economics of men’s clothing in India doesn’t seem to simmer his excitement of taking on the world with India inspired menswear. Being his own muse he handsomely sports a salt and peppery beard and a neatly braided french plait as it consciously contains his spirited design sense. Suket points out his obsession for detailing, finishing and the uncompromising use of eco-friendly textiles. Old accessory trends like cufflinks, colourful scarves and ties, suspenders and hats have always taken his fancy and are his props for storytelling.

The nattily dressed men could team their branded accessories with this NIFTian’s fancy basics like the classic Kurta and Aligarhi Pyjama, slightly loose shirts with slim pants, reversible stoles etc. which will set the scene perfectly for a cosmopolitan look. But the ladies need not fret, for those influenced by the latest ‘normcore’ fashion could also take advantage of his design aesthetics in cottons, linen, bamboo, ‘mulmul’ and silk blends influenced by Indian crafts and infused with latest technology quite like his predecessors in the global fashion industry-Yōji Yamamoto, Issey Miyake, Paul Smith, Hermes and Shahab Durazi.

The SUKETDHIR Studio also offers a bespoke service which has their cash registers ringing as they’ve mastered the understated metrosexual preferences in the conscientious circles. A suit tailored to your size within 10-15 days and Suket’s option of a wardrobe makeover tilts towards his indulgence in carving out one’s individuality. The designer took time out from his busy schedule to show me the nuances in his designs, such as hand stitched buttons and button holes, horse lining on the insides of the Nehru jackets, double-sided seams, buttons stitched with different coloured threads on a not-so-busy garment or an eclectic velvet tape on the collars- and each ‘handcrafted’ to perfection. 

A man who knows his fashion can carry that affable personality literally on his sleeve. So a visit to the Good Earth stores, Benaras at ION Orchard in Singapore, Pernia’s Pop Up Shop (online) or Taj Khazana (in-house store at the Taj Group of Hotels) for SUKETDHIR will ensure that you are well dressed and know exactly which doors to open!!!


F-574/B2, Lado Sarai, Anuvrat Marg,

New Delhi– 110030 INDIA

For appointments call +91 8447656660/01129521540

 Twitter @suketdhir_

Instagram @suketdhir

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