All things bright and beautiful this Diwali

All things wise and wonderful

The lord god made them all

The good lord surely seems to have given me a fresh pair of eyes so I’d like to share with you my Diwali shopping list if you are yet clueless about where to begin. 

I came across these handcrafted fairy lights which my cousin had ordered to gift her friends. Varsha Arya happens to be her batchmate from school, who has studied Interior Design and worked as an Art Director for several advertising films. These lights paved the inroads for her to discover her soul; happily creating an ethereal and magical atmosphere. I would like to deck up my living room with these where everybody sits around to play cards.

The length of the string is about 10 metres, with about 100 small bulbs. Each bulb is wrapped in a flower made of tissue fabric that is edged with glitter to enhance the look. They are retailed at The Chalk Boutique in Bangalore, Amethyst in Chennai, Sanctum in  Mumbai and Suruchi in Jaipur and are currently also being featured on

Cost: Rs.1500 – 1800

Contact details: +919619011006


My love for Tiffinware’s pop coloured stainless steel enamelled homewares doesn’t seem to wane ever since I have set my eyes on them, quite some time ago. It is a mix of retro kitsch handmade contemporary gifts with a playful twist. And so I picked up tiffins for close friends as they gleefully steal the spirit of Diwali with colours and shine and make it their own.

A British Indian, Risham Chawla- the lady behind these creations has studied design in UK and dabbled in product design with various media over the years.She brings forth colour as it’s been her only constant which makes her happy and brings a smile to people’s faces.

The brand is available in boutiques across Europe and it proudly represented Indian design during the Ramadan Caravan at Harvey Nichols in Riyadh. For Diwali, Risham hascollaborated with Red Moon Bakery-set up by a Canadian couple who is offering their treats in her enamelled tiffins. To order call Anna on 011 40534797 or visit their shop in GK II Main Mkt, New Delhi.

Cost: Rs.1400-3000

Contact details:


My dear friends Shephali Pandey and Sonali Batra like to dress up boudoirs in true Indian colours with their contemporary bed and cushion covers in silk, ideal for this festive season. After being aesthetically aligned to the fussy needs of some luxury labels both in India and abroad the two women are busy designing their own collections which brighten up spaces with much finesse. The richness and workmanship of their bedspreads and cushion covers tastefully compliments my home and are sure to catch the eyes of Goddess Laxmi. 

A set of four cushions and a bedcover cost: Rs.6000-17000 

Contact details: 9891154527



Being a big fan of spiritual or religious items I like to burn incense or loban which when heated releases its perfume. Light the candle and hold the charcoal pellet with the tongs over it till the pellet lights up. Place the burning charcoal in the dhunachi(Indian incense burner in brass) and sprinkle the powdered resin over it to create streaming fragrant smoke.

I would like to make it a daily ritual and do this at dawn and dusk. This act creates a mesmerizing effect by cleansing the environment and rejuvenating your energies. One could pick it up from any Good Earth store or order it online.This Ancient Gift Set contains: Tongs, brass dhuna, charcoal pellet, ancient pure loban, match box and candle. 


Contact details:


Few years ago, at a Mystic centre, I came across a Kashmiri lady who made gorgeous candles but sadly was only exporting them. Lately I came to know of her intention of opening a store in New Delhi’s fancy Khan Mkt., in the months to come. And since it is the festival of lights I couldn’t miss mentioning Sabaah Shiekh who having studied art and commerce now takes pride in making her hobby a profession. At present, this beauty is busy spreading the warm glow of the candles through the numerous orders especially for the upcoming Diwali and Christmas.

Contact details: +91 9810625306


Like every other season I picked the pretty artisanal lamps and fancy gifting boxes from Kamala-The Craft Store of Crafts Council of India, which is a must-visit as it has a wide variety to offer. The sustainability of crafts gives me a high and their eclectic products have kept abreast with the latest design fads ever since my school days making me love them even more.

Contact details:


Lakshmi Pooja Pack

After all these efforts I needed to do my prayers well to attract prosperity and happiness. For that I have ordered the Lakshmi Pooja pack  which contains everything needed to perform the ‘puja’ on the auspicious Diwali day. In our DIY world it helps in rediscovering certain rituals with a step- by-step guide given in a CD which has the mantras.                                                                                                                                                  

Cost: Rs.595

Contact details:


Nevermind if you haven’t yet done the Diwali gifting despite the reminders like the summer changing into autumn or donning of traditional finery or playing cards at friends’ places and gorging goodies, as one is pressed for time and tends to save the best for last, just like me!!!

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  1. shreya says:

    i am spellbound after reading this article…It is just awesome….

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