‘the shop’

One late night I received an email from Kabir Singh with a crisp introduction and an e-brochure of his family’s creative enterprise the shop. Previously had only heard of this iconic (first) store nestled squarely in Connaught Place, Delhi. Seemed uncanny to have earlier that day read in Perpetual City (a short biography of Delhi) by Malvika Singh, of this area’s transformation from a ridge covered with Kikar…

Donning luxe for their wonderful stories

The scalding Indian summer sun surely gets my goat. So for me, right now its a race against the growing intensity of the sun’s rays; as I look out for conscientious labels like AMBA,  while playing safe with some classics. So here I share a monologue by its creator Hema Shroff Patel .   

alternative fashion 2015:raw mango’s jamdani

I wish they’d had electric guitars in cotton fields back in the good old days. A whole lot of things would’ve been straightened out. -Jimi Hendrix This American singer echoed my thoughts eons ago since cotton seems to have a similar effect on many. A delicate, shiny, complex weave of superior quality is what defines Indian cotton; so when it was exported during…

Noida’s discerning Indian store

As a marketing consultant for upcoming brands I had approached Indian August initially to retail a brand. After visiting the store I decided to feature it, as it proudly spelt ‘Made in India’ in everything it displayed; creating a well required niche for itself in Delhi’s satellite town- Noida.