alternative fashion 2015:raw mango’s jamdani

I wish they’d had electric guitars in cotton fields back in the good old days. A whole lot of things would’ve been straightened out.

-Jimi Hendrix

This American singer echoed my thoughts eons ago since cotton seems to have a similar effect on many. A delicate, shiny, complex weave of superior quality is what defines Indian cotton; so when it was exported during the British Raj, the world was left wonderstruck! Its virtues of being light as the air, strong as the sun, flowing like the wind, soft as dew, opaque as smoke, cool as the moonlight and subtle as running water is what inspired Raw Mango for the summer of 2015.

Jamdani, a weave with Persian origin, has been is used for saris. But the word ‘jama’ is derived from Bengali which means dress. An indigenous craft of the Mughal era, is primarily done by Muslim artisans who generally relate to motifs and layout of small butis- floral, geometric or abstract, dispersed all over the body diagonally on a plain unbleached background.

Today the background colours can also be vibrant with discontinuous extra weft patterning in plied or thick cotton yarn. The motifs’ opaque surface happily plays peek-a-boo on a translucent body, giving it a sheer romantic look. So without waiting for the Indian summer to get to me, I have decided on my list of alternative fashion. For that I intend on attending Raw Mango‘s  Sooti collection viewing on 11th & 12th April ’15 at Angoori Badi, Farm AA 3, Ansal Villa, Satbadi, Chhatarpur, New Delhi-74

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  1. Pervana says:

    nice blog 🙂

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