Emulating tribal art life

Devrai is the local name for sacred groves which over time manifests into small pockets of rich biodiversity hotspots. A land lay barren ten years ago, but is transformed into a true Devrai, with over four hundred species of trees, shrubs, bamboos and vines. Its now a characteristic art centre tucked away in the hills of Panchgani, where Mandakini Mathur…

Playing with neckpieces this summer

Just like clothing, even accessories should be worn according to the climate, as one’s clothes and their materials differ. And since solid metals can be very discomforting in summer, missy should opt for boho chic accessories to be ‘with-it’ this season on alternative fashion!

Kunal’s ode to the Himalayas

-Sharing a verbatim monologue of Kunal Batra- the artist, who puts his art into perspective for novices like me.

Sanjukta and her gamcchas

Happy in her own skin, this young maverick designer Sanjukta and her young eponymous brand- Sanjukta inspires me to look no further!


This year, Red Earth’s Saree festival seems to be making a lot of noise about the whole nine yards and its ‘avatars’. As I grow older the drape’s hypnotic spell has me happily dreaming of a whole new wardrobe filled with different styles of sarees for all occasions just like my mother’s; who lived in it 24×7…