Playing with neckpieces this summer

Just like clothing, even accessories should be worn according to the climate, as one’s clothes and their materials differ. And since solid metals can be very discomforting in summer, missy should opt for boho chic accessories to be ‘with-it’ this season on alternative fashion!

At a closed design workshop, few weeks ago, a young petite demure woman was wearing a neckpiece which caught my attention. Anushikha Mehta, turned out to be the younger sister of Anavila Misra (weaver of exquisite linen sarees); who is all set make bold statements through her craft.

I learnt more of her motives and works, through our chat:

MD: How and why did you take to jewellery designing?

Anushikha: I did leather designing from NIFT. After which, I landed working with export houses which manufactured for international brands. These sojourns helped me learn textural development, and were great opportunities which rarely came by a leather designer.

But I took to designing jewellery seriously, only when my elder sister asked me to design accessories for her sari collections – during her participation in the annual big Indian fashion weeks.

MD: Your jewellery is very unconventional. Why?

Anushikha: When I started designing I was completely mesmerized by the juxtaposition of various materials and textures. Gradually, I have gained confidence to play around more as I draw an eclectic clientele, who are happy in their skin.

MD: What materials have you experimented with? And which ones are you keen on working with, in the near future?     

Anushikha: I have been working with leather, textiles, jute, and some metals. And will like to stick to these for now, since there is still enough scope for experimentation!

Though at present, I am developing some designs by combining stones and crochet.

MD: Which jewellery designers do you admire?

Anushikha: I enjoy the works of Robin Ayres and Myriam B.

MD: How do you spend your hours away from work?

Anushikha: I am basically a ‘homebody’ who can spend all her waking hours at home with the family. My ten year old son keeps me happily distracted, whenever we’re at home with either his school assignments, reading stories or playing.

Like many working mothers I look forward to ‘me time’ with a good book, movie or shopping; without my world falling apart if I didn’t lift a finger.

And enjoy cooking, since it is therapeutic for my everyday existence!

MD: How would you describe yourself?

I see myself as an artist, who lives to work and create with hands. Be it the initial drawings or the final draft, up until the end product, as I am able to keenly translate my touch sensations!

Complex detailing and well defined tangibles give me a high, but I feel I am much simpler than the choices I make.

MD: Spill the beans about your future.

Anushikha: Am working on some projects and developing a new line of accessories for Shades of India, which is keeping me busy for now.

And it’s just the beginning so am willing to let my future pan out, on its own!

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