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food table relisted

“It’s easy to impress me. I don’t need a fancy party to be happy. Just good friends, good food, and good laughs. I’m happy. I’m satisfied. I’m content.”– Maria Sharapova

This quote reminds me of my meeting with the Relisted motley of ‘millenials’ (the younger generation born between 1978-2000, who tend to be skeptical about promotional material  and are more likely to listen to their friends’ recommendations for products and services), last week.

On cousin Roshni‘s recommendation (since she is helping her friends set this up), my besties and I accessed this organised directory of an unorganized F&B sector in New Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida, to plan a baby shower for a bosom pal. After some procrastination, we decided on keeping it light with a variety of cheese platters, salads, kebabs, desserts and not to forget a bartender; whom we can’t seem to thank enough, as his potent cocktails had us in splits through the afternoon till late evening.

Relisted’s baffling variety could easily be filtered through categories of food type, budget per person, cuisine, nearest vendors to our venue and their deliverables. Coming across various cuisines and niche services offered by caterers in our vicinity, we couldn’t stop ourselves from making mental lists for the upcoming celebrations, as well. IT IS A BLACKBOOK of bonafide home chefs, caterers, bakers and bartenders found in and around the Indian capital. (Apparently they’ve been whetted by several food enthusiasts before making it to this list. )

And I thoroughly enjoyed listing the quartet’s ( Akhil, RohitShambhavi and Roshni) food tales and other interests.

Akhil Wable

Food memories

-Sunday Aloo Paranthas (Indian bread stuffed with spiced potatoes)

-Tawa (flat iron plate for making Indian breads) toast

-San Francisco small Italian sea food bar

-Rajma Chawal (red kidney beans in thick gravy with many Indian spices, usually served with rice) during (boarding) school holidays at home

-Ordering in Seekh Kababs (prepared with minced meat and spices on skewers in a tandoor) from Col. Kebabs


-Cooking steaks, fish, pasta or anything within half an hour for friends, at his bachelor’s pad.

-Watching T.V. shows like West Wing, Game of Thrones, Wheeler Dealers etc.


-Dreaming of golf lessons

Rohit Pillai

Food memories

-Mother’s Missi roti (Indian bread made of chickpea, maize, or millet flour) which is neither too doughy nor oily and Rajma Chawal packed with lots of flavour

-Her bread pudding and chocolate cake baked ever so often; which I helped in baking and eating the left over batter

– Chocolates, specially the Lion bars got by dad when he worked with Nestle

– Born to a Malayalee father and Sikh mother there was always a variety of healthy food cooked at home


-Browsing for food porn on the internet

-Trying out bakers to satisfy his sweet cravings

-Outdoor running

-Discovering deep minimal house and indie folk music

-Streaming movies and shows from Popcorn time like Newsroom, Game of Thrones and The Vikings.

Shambhavi Singh

Food memories

-Didn’t want to eat ‘hindi khana’(Indian Food) when she was little.

-Missi roti with white homemade butter

-Developed an excitement towards food due to father

-Sucking the bone marrow from the bones in the mutton curry; ever since she turned into a carnivore after growing up in a strict vegetarian household

-Though didn’t relish eating frog legs and pigeon


-Enjoying the process of cooking

– Getting girlfriends drunk at her parties with her cocktail concoctions

-Learning Kathak (Indian classical dance form)

-Window shopping online for design related products or services

-Love singing and dancing

Roshni Dhindsa

Food memories

-Grandmother’s pampering with her favourites like Arhar dal (pigeon peas spilt and skinned), Arbi ke Patte (Indian dry dish of Colocasia Leaves), Marble Sponge Cake etc.

-Started eating non vegetarian food at the age of 8 during travels with mother.

-Got into baking after marriage to keep busy, since husband had a sweet tooth

-Only ate Mexican and Mediterranean foods while staying in Paris for 4 yrs.

-Learnt to cook during her graduation years in London


-Food and Wildlife photography

-Travel to off-beat locations

-Love animals (during travels wouldn’t miss out on visiting the local zoo or aquarium in any city)

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