As a blogger I always feel a social responsibility towards missions as similar to Chungi’s – a Gandhian vision of sustainable development for artisans… agreed to join a plethora of bloggers to happily spread the word.

Shweta Tiwary’s design enterprise, takes on artisan clusters in their own turfs, instead of relocating them to cities, at a micro level.

At present most of Chungi’s underprivileged women workers are based in Gaya while Shweta and her team of educated creative minds are working from Mumbai. And are looking forward to drawing the design conscious through various Indian elements and innovative materials.

So here, I am sharing the young lady’s dreams and motives for a greater good.

MD: What have been your craft inspirations since childhood? 

ST: I was born in Gaya, Bihar, where I led a typical small town life. Academics was never my forte but was always inclined towards art and music. I grew using locally produced baskets, bedcovers, tablecloth etc. which were biodegradable with least chemical and artificial components.

However its now that I get nostalgic about those childhood days when everyone lived on authenticity and simplicity. Had always admired art in any form; be it the bamboo-basket to keep vegetables in our kitchen or the crochet work that women in my family kept themselves busy with.

Hence through Chungi we are trying to revive the art and craft of the bygone era.

MD: Where are your products manufactured?

ST: Local women based in various parts of Bihar add to Chungi’s product range in crochet, Madhubani painting and Kantha embroidery.  We procure our raw materials locally.  And all artists are compensated equally on a monthly basis.

MD: Who inspires you to do this work?

I draw great inspiration from the artists I work with. Their stories of struggles and hard work give me the strength to relentlessly tackle our day-to-day problems.

Over the past one year Chungi has helped artists realize their self-worth by earning recognition and respect in the society which is the biggest motivating factor.

The mere thought of being able to contribute towards an egalitarian society, fills me with immense positivity and pride.

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