The sun is gone, but i have a light

DIY is an activity of decorating, building, and making fixtures and repairs at home by oneself rather than employing a professional. I would think this is an after effect of the recession and the slow movement, together gaining momentum and giving a real impetus to the Arts and Crafts movement, world over.

Nonetheless, that’s where Mother Gone Mad design studio comes into the picture as the young Indian millionaire now looks at refurbishing private spaces every 5-6 yrs., despite of being a conservative spender.

As I entered Ritika Nanda’s studio in Panchsheel Park, New Delhi, along with the lighting samples hung from the ceiling was a speech bubble which said “I may be crazy but it keeps me from going insane!”; gave me more clarity about her design sense.

During her adolescent years she remembers drawing for hours on end with her nieces and nephews or doing the art work for her school’s editorial magazine. So after schooling, she channelled her creativity by doing Accessory Design from NIFT and later jewellery design from Middlesex University, U.K.

In India, she feels, even a student depends on the ‘kaarigars’ to execute their creation. Whereas it wasn’t the case while studying abroad, as she had to learn to build from scratch till perfection.

But, she is not complaining, as it gives rise to indie designers who are easily being accepted for their out-of-the-box creations.

After finishing studies, Ritika assisted an architect to do the library at Teen Murti Bhawan, and later moved to Lightbox – as a lighting consultant for high-end European brands.

On leaving that job, she went scouring through some wholesale markets of Delhi like Chandni Chowk, Govindpuri and Kotla for inspiration.

And began with repurposed items e.g. wall paint brushes, bicycle stand, borders from grandmother’s drawers, wood shavings, wooden ruler, inch tape, tea cups and X- rays. While wood, plastic weaving, cement, ceramic, brass wires, some regular materials too made their way into her whimsical portfolio.

Through MGM she tries to fill a niche space which is yet to be explored fully; between the high-end European branded and the regular fancy lighting.

Mostly, finds herself exploding with ideas in an unrestrained manner; mother’s trait who herself is a very high-spirited lady (and so we know where the name Mother Gone Mad came from). On second thoughts it could possibly also be the positive influence of coming into motherhood, as she loves to go crazy with her kids…….also her biggest critics.

She’d rather stay in a bubble where everybody is nice, enjoy design, specially anything handcrafted, the slow movement, and grandmother’s crafts like cross stitch, crochet, knitting, embroidery etc.

Thankfully, in the information age one comes across interesting finds like Light fish in Pondicherry and the Baba Tree basket company in Africa, every second day. And since creativity is living those are the real influencers, you see!!

wall paint prushes decorative lighting

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  1. Ritika says:

    Thanks Anandi. That’s so beautifully written.

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