A baby is born

Little West Street products make perfect gifts during baby showers and kid’s birthdays; but I am single and voluntarily childless so I thought it best to speak with Samridhi, its creator.

After long, last Sunday evening we finally connected, and she filled me in with things that mattered to me the most- natural fabrics used, their luxurious hand-embroidery, conformity quality control, personalization of quilts, dohars and towels all gorgeously gift wrapped; making Little West Street bedding collections all the more desirable!

MD: How would you differentiate between your kids’ bedding label and others, in the Indian market?

S: Firstly, they are designed by FIT graduates who’ve been in the industry for more than a decade and are tuned to the preferences of the Indian market.

Secondly, our designs are intricately hand appliquéd and embroidered.

Thirdly, we have 24 bedding collections and I take great pride in saying so, as no one else provides such a variety (maybe with an exception of 1 or 2 big retailers in U.S.).

MD: Specify the luxury quotient in your product lines?

S: We use beautiful, high quality fabrics i.e. 100% cotton for our bedding, soft cotton filling, plush 550 gsm towels, and soft breathable muslin – ideal for a baby!

Also, our intricate designs are exquisitely hand-embroidered with kantha, crewel and fine single-stitch, keeping to the ethos of our culture. Infact Little West Street quilting and ruching, are also hand done. If the design requires we have also used 15+ different fabrics and pieced together with several threads as quilts, which in itself are works of art.

MD: How is Little West Street baby friendly?

S: We like to choose themes that the toddlers connect with. For instance, when they start recognizing their name on a personalized quilt, they thoroughly enjoy laying claim on it!

Also follow U.S. safety rules for infant bedding by using particular threads, natural fabrics, child-safe dyes, doing away with long ties and buttons to make sure there no choking accidents in the crib etc. 

MD: Who is your target clientele?

Our clients are soon-to-be-mothers, new mothers, doting fathers, mum’s best friends and grandmoms with an indulgence streak when it comes to their grandchildren – as the finer things in life catch their eye.

MD: How do you manage juggling both roles of a new mother and businesswoman, successfully?

S: I had started work as a strategy consultant at Bain & Co., in the U.S. and now feel blessed to be ultimately pursuing my passion of creating beautiful designs, just like an artist! Also, its easy to manufacture baby products as its an extension of my role as a mother of two.

I learnt hands-on what works and doesn’t with a baby. Like for instance, ruffled edging doesn’t work on baby products as they like to chew them. Being a super busy mother, am always on a look out for easy care and practical stuff which lasts long despite machine wash. And that’s where Little West Street comes into the picture with things like adjustable muslin bibs which can easily go up 3 sizes, making it easier to shop for both babies and young toddlers. Also, we’ve thoughtfully incorporated a zipper at the back of the dohars, so that during winters one can simply insert a duvet fill inside (which is also available online) to keep warm.

Right now, I seriously don’t feel the need to look beyond my babies for themes that would excite a kid. Infact, my older one recently developed a liking for robots and so our Rockin’ Robot collection was born 🙂 His love for ABCs was also our inspiration behind the ABCs in the Gizzie collection and so on and so forth…………………..

 “A baby is born with a need to be loved – and never outgrows it.”  

-Frank A. Clark



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