Brass shines as fair to the ignorant as gold to the goldsmiths

Many of us shy away from being called the drama queen. But what if one didn’t have to do anything, and would still get the right attention – nobody is complaining!!!

I chanced upon Malleka’s brass jewellery at a recent exhibition in Lutyens Delhi; which fit the bill perfectly for a demure turned bold. It is handcrafted in a small unit at Silver oaks farms, Chattarpur, Delhi. And the creative head Mallika Singh keeps a watchful eye staying close, in Mehrauli; where she shares an apartment with a Japanese comic artist – Shoho.

She is an alumni of Istituto Europeo di Design school in Milan. Soon after graduation, she began lending her distinct style to a number of known fashion houses, which includes working with a Swedish artist and colleague Julia Andersson and an iconic Indian couturier – Gaurav Gupta. He mentored her when she was most vulnerable to market trends until a heady feeling compelled her to further explore his future primitive style, in 2012.

Then began with slave jewellery inspired belts, cuffs, brooches, body harness, hand harness and headbands, mostly enhanced with lots of fringe. These pieces were similar to what was worn by the Egyptian Pharaohs and Asiya (their wives) – ancient war lords in the Nile Delta.  She seemed to have modified the look to suit Gothic fashion which has been in vogue for a while now – dark, eerie, mysterious, complex and exotic (quite like the mood board of Valentino SS16).

From a luxury point of view, her USP most notably is a limited edition production of 3 pcs per design. They are also ergonomically designed ornaments, and can be given back for re-polishing. If one’s ensemble needs rhodium plated dramatic, geometric and edgy earrings and rings, you needn’t feel caught between two stools – since everything  is usually gold!

The brass is lacquered to preserve the metal’s original sheen, giving a fashionable twist to classic jewellery. Apparently, this medieval style is what the adventurous younger brides prefer to wear nowadays during youngsters’ party, or gift a ‘teeka’ or ‘hathphool’ to the bridesmaids, for a bit of drama with role play. And the grooms aren’t too far behind either as they like to play the domineering part to the hilt with brooches – like a coalition of lions (close male friends and family members).

For an affable Mallika, all this madness wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for distractions like wall art, a yearning to make brass installations, attend pottery classes at Anandgram and bring to life eclectic shoes and bags for her forthcoming jewellery lines.

Moral of the story- don’t be boring…… get daring this festive season!!!


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  1. Tina Nobis says:

    Mallika designs fabulous jewellery and has such a unique style. Lucky to possess two of her outstanding pieces-an article well written!

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