Little Passports

Holidays are all different, depending on the company and time of your life. So few days ago, when I received an email from Prachi Kagzi about her latest enterprise called Little Passports– it got me thinking. How did we during childhood think beyond our small worlds and learn to dream big, and why do children…

Divinity in style

During the Jaipur trip I noticed my rebel fashionista friend Ritu, wear a Studio Kassa ring designed by Aarushi Patel – who by the way is a graphic designer by profession, based in the Pink City itself. Under a label of structured leather bags with her partner, she few months ago, diversified into sculptural jewellery.

Children’s couture label making a headway

I had come across this adorably chic clothing brand two to three months ago at an exhibition. And, as an adult if I love the idea of different fashions for different seasons, how can our little style queens be far behind!

Vegging at thefarm, Jaipur

A quote by John Russel “Sanity calms, but madness is more interesting” pretty much describes my friend’s amazing property, outside Jaipur. When she invited me for an event and stay at her farm, I actually wasn’t aware of this paradise she lived in. Its only after the entire experience did I realize the worth of my impromptu holiday.