Children’s couture label making a headway

I had come across this adorably chic clothing brand two to three months ago at an exhibition. And, as an adult if I love the idea of different fashions for different seasons, how can our little style queens be far behind!

Moobaa was started by aspiring moms, Niyati Mutha and Shweta Bafana.  As first-time mothers with a keen sense of style and passion for design, they were quick to notice lacking options in children’s clothing in India. So, decided to capitalize on this interest by filling in the empty space with Moobaa.

Niyati is a trained jewelry designer from the Gemological Institute of America, Carlsbad, USA, and Shweta, a finance professional with stints at reputed institutions in U.K. and U.S.  Mystically their dream aligned with family backgrounds in traditional and online retail, making it easier to tap the vibrant Indian fashion scene for children’s apparel.

Now all this seems like a natural progression with interests like design, fashion and children. Infact, when Shweta started to shop for her daughter before her birth, she realized the dearth of child-friendly fashionable apparel. Her sister-in-law – Niyati too, felt the same, and so they decided to solve this problem together.

Moobaa is categorically for mothers who are smitten by children couture, found abroad.

Inspired by global fashion houses that push the envelope of design and aesthetics, Niyati and Shweta stay true to one golden rule while designing; wearing the dresses they create if available in their sizes. As classic victorian, floral, nautical and geometric influences are adapted to contemporary style.

The designs are for girls from a tender age of 1 – 12 yrs. of age. Label enjoys a niche, as the discerning parents choose Long staple cotton, Belgian and Scottish linens, custom woven pure silk, made pretty by them, with cutwork and embroidery.

Moobaa meticulously ensures that every element in the outfits, complies with international standards.

As they smartly like to measure their success by ‘so cute’s, finger-points, heads turned, and children’s smiles. But also cannot help much, if one doesn’t get beyond the ordinary pink party dress.


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