Divinity in style

During the Jaipur trip I noticed my rebel fashionista friend Ritu, wear a Studio Kassa ring designed by Aarushi Patel – who by the way is a graphic designer by profession, based in the Pink City itself.

Under a label of structured leather bags with her partner, she few months ago, diversified into sculptural jewellery.

With a fetish for bold statement pieces translated into a capsule collection of silver, gold and copper plated brass jewellery it is called “One of a kind” – an inspiration from Biomorphism (natural pattern of flaura and fauna); an art movement of the modern/contemporary world.

Each and every piece is handcrafted by her at home, without involving any ‘karigar’, except for the final plating and buffing. The line depicts metamorphosis of nature. She saw through this phenomena by successfully bringing it to life in ornamental rings and necklaces.







Admiring people like Amruta Patil, who have written and visualized graphic novels Kari and Adi Parva which are mytho-historical trilogy based on the Mahabharata; and Sam Taylor-Johnson, director of Fifty Shades of Grey and a visual artist, have helped in breaking the conventional moulds and looking for ingenuity in any form.

After studying Fine Arts from ICG, Jaipur, she furthered her interest by graduating in Art Direction from MICA, Ahemdabad. But is now happily juggling three completely different creative enterprises – handmade leather accessories, jewellery and branding.

Infact, art is in her blood, since mother sketches and paints. Initially guarded with realism in oil paintings, she now naturally bends towards surrealism. And never misses an opportunity to combine travel and work as that’s her elixir for lucid imagination.

Before ending our conversation she brought to my notice how photography, movies and rock music have all helped in shaping her thoughts.

 “One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art!”

+91 9024613578 

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