Little Passports

Holidays are all different, depending on the company and time of your life. So few days ago, when I received an email from Prachi Kagzi about her latest enterprise called Little Passports– it got me thinking.

How did we during childhood think beyond our small worlds and learn to dream big, and why do children nowadays need to experience everything at the earliest to become happier and successful adults???


Nonetheless, for the li’ll ones nowadays, this world has surely become a global village as their parents are travelling ever so often to the most off-beat destinations. Everyone is looking for experiences and Prachi having traveled 45 countries, realized that she is a professional at charting child-centric holidays.

Talking to me she remembered her first holiday abroad, with brother and parents at a tender age of 5, to Japan. Together, ever since the 80’s, the  family has covered most of South India, gone for wildlife safaris to Ranthambore, Sariska, Periyar in India and Tigertops in Nepal. And every alternate year  while visiting relatives in U.S., were enthralled by nature’s wonders like the Limestone caves in Moaning Cavern, camped at Yosemite National Park and on a boat at Shasta Lake, in California.

But making me envious on her list were the adventure excursions she went on with her husband – like scuba diving in Red Sea, northern lights chase in Scandinavia, Tigers nest hiking in Bhutan and climbing the pyramids in Egypt.

Yet her most memorable trip with him has been to Iceland, in the summers. There, both have thoroughly enjoyed the glacier hiking, husky dog rides, viewing the thermal lagoon and the tallest predictable geyser in the world. And didn’t think of their visit bring complete without doing the sightseeing tour in the snow wheel drives.

Bitten by the travel bug, she feels it important for a child to be acclimatized to the world from birth as these experiences can further enhance their personalities in many ways. In the past, she has planned well for trips with friends to China and Pench National Park, Madhya Pradesh, keeping children’s needs and entertainment foremost in mind. Infact when her son was all of two years old, against most parents’ advice, she took him to the Hongkong Disneyland where he couldn’t stop squealing with joy!

So now armed with confidence and a travel expert who has been taking French kids to Slovakia, Prachi is ready to conquer the Tatra mountains. All children and parents will be put up at a chalet, acquainted with basic Slovak words, folk music and costumes. To experience the country better they will engage in local activities such as skiing, dog sledging, rides on a horse carriage, trip to the Belianska limestone caves, cable car trip upto the summit or a visit to Aquapark (depending on the weather conditions). And to balance their adrenaline rush will also play some indoor games, make cheese dumplings, bake cookies and visit the church to sing carols on Christmas eve.

Thoughtfully, this trip is scheduled from 19th – 26th December, ’15 so that the young’uns can experience White Christmas like in their most-loved books or cartoon strips. She is happy to chaperon the older children (12+), while the younger lot (7+) are to be accompanied with parents. Last but not the least I’d like to mention her reason for choosing Slovakia, were the safe mountains which have cellular signal everywhere and a helicopter on call.

This is an all inclusive trip (excluding flights/visa/overseas insurance) for Rs.99,000 – per child. Please look up the website and thereafter connect with her over the phone +91-9820121110 or email – for more details. 



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