Death by shoes

For anyone with a shoe fetish Amorio should be your must-buy brand, in Jaipur. Do not miss it for anything in the world specially if you are looking to own a second skin!!

Displaying at the Narain Niwas Palace only during the Jaipur Literature Festival under the Wolf’s initiative, a shoe collector Saurabh Goyal will be seen buzzing with the bees. But not without a reason – as his classic elegantly handcrafted footwear have just in a few years built a fairly good fan following amongst men and women; since he gets the dapper image perfectly!!

 Amorio was conceptualized when Saurabh (collector of 500 odd pairs) got miffed with an international luxury brand as their shoes which obviously highly priced, were not half as comfortable as its worth. So over a conversation regarding this issue with some French friends (when they came visiting the Pink City) he decided on making shoes for adults looking to pamper themselves silly.

Armed with two years of R&D, material from Italy, CITES certificates for French calf, cow hide, Lamb suede, Calf hair and many more exotic skins, a small manufacturing unit in Jaipur and another big one in Chennai; his leather products (shoes and handbags) are customized keeping in mind the smallest preferences of the client.

In love with classic fashions, curiosity got the better of me, so I dialed the young entrepreneur right away and hearing his metro-sexual views concurred at the origination of his creative streak. His sensorial desires clearly came to fore while doing Masters in Photography, in Mumbai.

Now, upping the style quotient of traditional juttis, loafers, chukka boots and slip ons from casual to semi-casual, is Amorio. It’s twenty craftsmen skilled in shoe making since thirty-five years – create luxurious pieces of wearable art. They cleverly carve out functionality through style and practicality, in regular and limited edition collections gifted in wooden and leather boxes respectively.

I’m told that Amorio’s studio too showcases Rajasthan’s regality with luxurious hospitality. While one places their shoe orders, you can mingle with other intrepid travelers savoring the culture and exchanging interesting tales over hot cuppa coffee or mulling over wine. The ambiance easily creates a goodwill, leaving no space for grouses in the future.

So, bracing myself for murder by owning a pair shoes that evoke exaggerated emotions from others…. kill me, kiss me or be with me!

9 Sangram colony,

Mahavir Marg, C-Scheme. Jaipur


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