Handmade good design

Bee Kite at the LIt Fest

Talking about the right people matters to me and I’m sure it does for AnanTaya too; a concept store which during the Jaipur Literature Festival wants to pollinate our minds with Handmade Good Design.

Hearing of their upcoming creations for the festival, stirred up my love for calendar art of the late nineteenth to early twentieth century. Was overwhelmed to connect with our generation’s favourite childhood comics Amar Chitra Katha through a range of luggage, personal accessories and home furnishings. These are one of India’s largest selling comic book series, which retell stories of great Indian epics, mythology, history, folklore and fables in 20 Indian languages, keeping alive its history and culture.


Their collaboration with ACK Media brought together skilled durrie weavers, leather workers, embroiderers and miniature painters to create an evocative selection into our daily lives. The travel bags combine durrie rug weaving with tanned leather detailing, depicting the storyline or the personality of an important character. The bagpacks and totes transform mythological characters and events into single images. The spectacle case is in leather with ‘kashida’ embroidered eye expressions showing emotions in a single glance.

Famed ‘Meenakars’ or enamel artisans of Jaipur, have also been roped in to create new Alphabet and Popular Charms in copper enamel as limited editions for AnanTaya clients. Spell out your name or of a loved one to complete the story in a bracelet or necklace. In silver enamel is Netra, a talisman to enhance your inner vision, manifested from the images of Indian gods which is called the third eye. It is brought to life in a necklace or bracelet consisting of delicate enamel eye beads. Fine silver meenakari pendants brooches, earrings and cufflinks form another jewellery collection.  Inspired by nature it includes images of birds, animals and flowers setting new examples of traditional crafts.

AnanTaya refines the works of many artists and artisans with collective ideas and techniques from nuances of their worlds as if seen through a kaleidoscope. So adding the third dimension to cottage crafts is Priya Sundarvalli’s a ceramic artist from Tamil Nadu. Leader in architectural ceramics, she has hand crafted gilded pieces inspired by the natural world.

From the other side of India Chaman Vankar Siju,  a master weaver from Bhujodi showcases his new Maaldhary collection, derived from the cattle herders and the Rabari embroiderers of his native Kutch.

For more in high fashion is a young Sanganer block printer Khushi Ram, trained at IICD, Jaipur and apprenticed with AnanTaya. He has graphically translated Ayush Kasliwal’s designs based on the simplest design elements, dot and line. Using rudimentary aesthetics, his exquisitely stitched men’s shirts have overlapping patterns printed on linen/cotton.

Bringing the theme alive through an imaginary field of wild flowers swarmed with bees are Colorfast Stationary basics designed by Ayush Kasliwal for aspiring authors, busy professionals, fashionable students and engaged homemakers. The contemporary classic assortment in several hues includes pen cases, computer sleeves, portfolios, notebooks and messenger bags.

Here talent works and geniuses create!

The Kanota, Narain Niwas Palace​,
Narain Singh Circle,

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