Parked with print makers

Saturday was hectic but whose complaining…… our  WIDEA artisans’ workshop was fantastic, visited a beautiful newly launched home accessories store and viewed this amazing print making art pop-up…….. TOUCH/Parked@Nivasa.

There I met Kanika Anandan independent art writer and the show’s curator. Armed with a Masters in Art History from the National Museum Institute, India and curatorial fellowship from the Centre National d’Art Contemporain, Grenoble, 2012-13; this 31 yrear old impressed me while talking about her trajectory, extensively with galleries and alternative spaces in the United States, France and India. Has infact for a while been contributing to international publications like Art India, Daily Serving and the Sunday Guardian. And is currently serving as Associate Curator for the Artist Pension Trust (Global/Mumbai).

For the show, she invited a group of young printmakers who drew on the idea of home, everyday moods and memories, accentuated with the warmth and familiarity that their domestic environments evoked. Here the markings and scratches, the chemicals and inks pressed, bled or contained left a desired impression on a surface, which beautifully complimented Nivasa’s furniture.

Piqued as an art enthusiast I thought it best to ask her two valid questions.


MD: Why did you choose to curate printmakers?

Kanika: Printmaking in India has lost its charm and there are only a handful of makers who make for museums or are exorbitantly priced. Market aside, the audience does not recognize the medium as work since it was always made and sold in editions. I wanted to a)educate more people on the laborious process of traditional printmaking, especially since an art print is assumed to be synonymous with a digital print and b)create a platform for young printmakers to showcase their work.

It came together when my young intern who is studying printmaking from the Delhi College of Art started showing me these brilliant works, which compelled me to look beyond.

MD: What are the price points for these art prints?

Kanika: These are priced anything between 12,000- 2.4 lacs


Fine art prints are created by transferring ink from a matrix, through a prepared screen onto the material of interest. Commonly used are metal plates, usually copper or zinc, or polymer plates for engraving or etching. Stone, aluminium or polymer for lithography; blocks of wood for woodcuts and wood engraving and linoleum for linocuts. While silk or synthetic fabric screens help in the screen printing process.

Am happy to have ogled at promising print makers works like Subrat Behara’s lithographs, Maripelly Gouda’s serigraphs, Geeta Bisht and Avni Bansal’s woodcuts and Ryan Abreu’s etchings. Ruminating over this paradigm shift towards affordable art which helps many creative minds make unconventional career choices and enjoy slow living!

P.S.- Its on till the next three weeks. Had started on 6th February 2016, 4p.m. onwards

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