Slick knick-knacks from the Paris of India


Generally when one travels we like to pick up local non-perishable specialties or souvenirs to take back home. Anytime in Jaipur, I suggest you visit the Code Silver store for its upmarket wildlife mementos.

Two years ago I was introduced to  Shikha Durlabhji, when she extended an invitation to visit her studio.  On this visit to Jaipur I decided to swing by and picked up a Pugmarked visiting card holder and a Tiger luggage tag; in a small way making some noise about preservation of the animal kingdom.

It just so happens that the Ranthambore National Park is just a 180 kms from Jaipur, and so the young lady’s family frequents it nearly every month. Both, she and her sister, are wildlife and photography enthusiasts who enjoy unwinding by capturing the nuances of the wilderness through their big and small lens respectively, while their parents soak in the moment.

Belonging to a family of jewellers, for this wildlife supporter, Code Silver‘s this collection was a natural plunge. The idea came from her monthly trips to the game reserves where there is an obvious dearth of neat looking reminders, for the fauna lovers.

Having visited many reserves, in India and abroad, the Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary by the river Kabini in South India, is next on their bucket list. The common Indian jungle predators seen clearly in this collection are Tiger, Leopard, Monkey, Elephant, Deer, Peacock, Eagle, Wolf and Lion.

They can be found on keychains, luggage tags, tealight holders, business card holder, photo frames, napkin rings, bookmarks, earrings, pendants pen stands, bottle openers, cufflinks and candle holders. In this too there are metal choices, from silver plated, pure silver, copper and brass which further is beautified with cutwork, chitai work or beaten hammer.

These along with tableware, office accessories, furniture, lamps, religious products, vases etc., for now make up the Code Silver portfolio for both special occasions and corporate gifting during Diwali and New Year. I went for the silver plated items since it is more cost-effective in times of demonetization. But am looking forward to something customized as the Paris of India is known for some of the best skilled craftsmen and jewellery in the country.

What began as an idea in a small room with one master craftsman, took 6 years to become Code Silver. Eventually Shikha decided on this foray after many months of research, and launched it on  1st September, 2010.

These items are not  just souvenirs, but memories of the brute creatures which are becoming extinct, sooner than ever.

D 31, Subhash Marg, C-Scheme, Jaipur

+91 141 2364171/+91 9799332768

twitter: @CodeSilverStore

instagram: @codesilver



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