Edgy coquettish designs




At a party someone very rightly said to me that one should either be a work of art or wear a work of art. Admiring Bhavin and Twinkle Gada’s fashion jewelry label BEGADA I couldn’t agree more. Sold on Cult Curators, these edgy coquettish designs caught my eye, as they spell drama successfully in bold and red letters.

Over emails and after some recce I got an overview of the talented couple’s work.

Since childhood Twinkle had dabbled in fine arts. After school, taking it up more seriously, she studied Fashion Design at IITC, Mumbai, for 3 years. While Bhavin, her husband, born to an Anglo Indian mother and Indian father, was exposed to two different cultures. His mother’s family lived in London, so since childhood, its underground music scene, multiculturalism, the explorational fashion boutiques of Central London, Camden Market, the beautiful Regents Park, night clubs and art galleries….. everything fascinated him about the city.

Beginning of Begada’s journey:

Bhavin: Endlessly gazing at the melting glass coming out of the furnace to shape beads, drawings being prepared for their moulds (father’s business of developing and manufacturing high quality glass beads for the biggest fashion houses of the world) evolved into a full time career for me in 2014. Learning on the job, I also gained knowledge regarding QC for Haute Couture. This environment might have influenced my early years, but clarity only came when I started my Business Studies, in college. That’s when I decided to join the family business to learn the ropes.

It all began in 2006, when we got an opportunity to send our swatches and appliques to the luxury brands my father used to supply. From thereon, this craft of hand beading has opened my eyes to wearable art where we use the ancient and unorthodox artistic methods, to woo international markets.


IMG_3331 copya

Role play:

Bhavin: Twinkle having studied designing, sketches them for us. While I look into bringing them to life with newer techniques, and also managing the business.

Brand of jewelry you admire: 

Bhavin: We love Bulgari – a name since 130 years, is a byword  for artisanal craftmanship, avant-garde materials and unrivalled designs.

Personality which  would do justice to Begada’s creations:

Bhavin: From India I would love to see Sonam Kapoor wear our creations, but the ultimate would be Rihanna adorning our accessories!


Most challenging piece:

Bhavin: The most challenging piece is our headgear, prepared for the Brand’s lifestyle shots. That is truly a piece of art, which took us 4 weeks to construct. It speaks volumes of our aesthetics, with high quality elements and futuristic design.

 Begada statement:

Bhavin: From day one BEGADA’s vision is to create luxurious, original, creative and exclusive designs, while developing new, exciting materials for collections, without compromising on the minutest details. For which we like to dig into our huge stock of unusual Swarovski elements.

Importantly, we enjoy considering new possible skills and inspirations from outside the fashion world, as we dare to be different!

Begada’s future:

Bhavin: We are still growing, even after reaching the fashion capitals of the world, based out of Mumbai. But are now, looking forward to exploring India.

We dream, but unlike the big fashion houses don’t create strategies and targets, to grow organically.






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