My colonial hangover

As promised, through the month I am going talk shop about niche brands that one needs to pick up during their summer travels. The caveat here is for clients who like ubiquitous high-street and global luxury brands …….less is more!


Today I’ve zeroed down on a block-printed Day Dress from London, Great Britain. Was pleasantly surprised that it did not remind me of an ethnic everyday wear. Infact, lounging in its elusivity (famously done in Sanganer by the Chippa communityseemed ideal for me. Even though I found the motifs to be similar to Brigitte Singh’s, Day Dress’s distinguishing factor is a simpler version of the same and a calming colour palette on basic english silhouettes. Each priced at £225 could suit any spirited woman from Generation X onwards (not just Generation Z as portrayed on their instagram handle)

Gabby Deeming the woman behind this creative enterprise started it over a year ago, in Spring 2017.  After a decade of working as the decoration director at House & Garden magazine the lady took a 3 month sabbatical to be in Jaipur, Rajasthan. There she designed simple prints applying what she knew and loved about the patterns and colours with the help of a small block-printing family.

Clearly, influenced by the classic English muslins (imported into Europe from Mughal Bengal in the 17th & 18th century and later manufactured in Scotland and England) she has also incoprorated the flora and fauna of Indian Mughal motifs. The contemporary label’s first proper collection this year is a versatile and flattering ‘Isla’ dress. It has 5 hand block-prints in unique designs, stitched in the softest Indian cotton.

Due to the nature of hand-printing, will maintain them delicately. Good! they can be machine washed at 30 degrees with an ordinary detergent but strictly advised against dry cleaning. Will iron whilst damp, or, simply use a small hand-steamer (Morplan E8 hand held clothes steamer)….slipped in-between the lining and outer layers for a great finish!

After feeding my colonial hangover with Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s wedding will happily wait for its pop-up at Cologne & Cotton’s  Marylebone High St. store on Saturday 15th June; for they’re going to be my reveling staples from midmorning to dusk.


contact number (07813 335150)

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