Experiments made her better…

If you are fashion forward you sure would have noticed Rimzim Dadu, a young Indian designer in her early thirties. She started off with her own label right after finishing a Fashion Design course from Pearl Academy, Delhi, in 2006. Her sparsely, brightly lit pale yellow basement studio is nestled in the bustling industrial Sector-2, few steps away from Sector 15 Metro Station in Noida.

Glad to have met her since she is celebrating a decade in fashion, this year. On viewing her crafty, experimental body of work one understands her statement of liking to deconstruct and reconstruct a material, bettter. Proclaiming to be known for her signature pieces, last season’s steel wire collection did well commercially.

This year too she has continued with it, wherein, hair-thin metallic yarns are painstakingly sewn together to form a metal wire sculpted dress possibly for Greek goddess Athena herself. It is 100% bedazzling super flexible metal couture.


Looking for a different material to work with for SS18 she began twisting the ubiquitous zari. Hair thin zari yarns were assembled and corded to make them more grunge without losing its fluidity. Then they were sewn together onto the fabric, to create a zari cord shredded top.




Zari was handwoven too, in this case just for the pallu of a sari. That changes its core characteristics from delicate into something more grunge yet ethereal with a pure silk organza body.



For a jersey grid floral pixel dress finely treated lycra jersey fabric was cut into small squares and strung together on cords.

And for the dress below, their signature chiffon cord technique was done with a twist, wherein, chiffon fabric was torn into fine thin strips and then hand embroidered on a mesh fabric.


Studying her methods one wonders about her influences. Without much hesitation she mentioned Iris Van Herpen a Dutch fashion designer who is recognized as one of fashion’s most talented and forward-thinking creators. By inventing new forms and methods of sartorial expression she combines the most traditional and the most radical materials and garment construction methods into her unique aesthetic vision calling it “New Couture.”

From another genre is the Turkish virtual artist and director Can Buyukberber who creates immersive audiovisual experiences embodied in physical and digital spaces. He is driven by interdisciplinary thinking and curiosity which extends to art, design and science – focusing on human perception, exploring non-linear narratives, geometrical order, synergetics and emergent forms.

And amongst the many such inspirations is also a dear friend, Rajat Sodhi, director of Orproject – an architecture and design practice which explores advanced geometries with an ecologic agenda – the integration of natural elements into the design results in an eco-narrative.

Early into her career for ‘Fracture’ – Indian Textiles, New conversations’ at Devi Art Foundation curated by Mayank Mansingh Kaul, Rahul Jain and Sanjay Garg she is pleased to have showcased a futuristic silicon jamdani handwoven sari. Part of a narrative exhibiting artworks of contemporary Indian textiles the lady never follows trend forecasts and dreams of never succumbing to it. 

Being the restless creative she would at some point like to delve into filmmaking; exercising the right hemisphere of her brain to the utmost!

View her collections on http://www.rimzimdadu.com or instagram. My only concern with them is Dry Clean Only since it not eco-friendly. Though the saving grace is that they need cleaning only after several wears.




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