Bijou for everyday wear

Had actually spotted Dorothee Sausset and  her eponymous delicate jewellery label at the annual French Charity Fete at the French School in New Delhi, late last year. But waited till spring to flaunt her little blings on my pinched collar, fingers and wrists.

The designer and a Kundalini yoga practitioner intents on linking our mind, body and soul to her classic bejewelled pieces. Highlighting her beliefs through it, she brilliantly presents a little book carrying basic information on the Mudras and their meditations.

Inclined towards alternative therapies, my ears perked up when she began talking about her line – 5 Elements. For, the five different stones chosen by her, seemed like a conscious choice to connect with our lower chakras and elements of Ayurveda- ether, air, fire, water and earth.

Mudras pendants charms

loulou-rings-1Loulou band and earrings

H00A2300 copy


Her Thali Torque or necklace too, is a symbol of love, protection and completion, inspired by Vaastu Shastra. This ancient Hindu and Buddhist science interlinks architecture, environment, nature and consciousness; making hers a holistic story.

Though my favourites from her first collection are the enamelled Loulou, Sansan and 5 Elements. All of them are either in 925 silver or brass, plated in 18k gold.

As a french mademoiselle, her career began with Parisien jewellery designer – Geraldine Valluet. There, incharge of nearly everything from designing, to production, and shipping, she learnt the ropes of this vocation. Her boss in love with India and its culture, visited it ever so often (Now a believer in destiny, Sausset tries deconstructing the algorithm as she realizes how 15-20 years later she too has landed up making jewellery, but in India itself).

After that work stint, she utilized her creativity in opening a boutique of baby clothes, antiquated objects from South America, India and Myanmer along with her own jewellery line, in Paris, for a while.

Elucidating, the nomad continued narrating her tale “During my childhood, my grandfather from each trip to new countries, got me a precious or semi-precious stone complimented by a woman’s traditional grab of that region. That was the fashion I grew up with. My mother too, was a great influence because of her unorthodoxy attitude. On maturing – Madrid was followed by London where I studied, and then the Afro-Cuban culture of Cuba had me besotted for long.”

It was much later that she moved to India and opened up a sourcing agency for high-street fashion labels. For them she designed accessories like – handbags, scarves, shoes and jewellery. It gave her the confidence to do business in this country.

“Two years ago my dream of creating a niche jewellery brand came true. But I do not follow fashion trends. And my second collection will further explore mudras, bigger pieces, like mandalas set in kundan with modern aesthetics, ” she disclosed.

Being her own muse, the realist never takes off her fashionable minimals even for a shower. Her vision of a woman was watermarked by the new big luxury fashion houses YSL and Sonia Rykiel way back in the late 60’s, when she was just a young adult. Now in her mid-40s, the seasoned Sausset admires Chloe and Isabel Marant, too.

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