Evoking desire in a sublime or refined fashion

Tere Ishq nachaiyaan kar key thaiyaa thaiyaa
Your love has made me dance like mad

Tere Ishq ne dera mere andar keeta
Bhar ke zeher payala main taan aape peeta,
Jhabde wahudi tabiba nahin te main mar gaiyaan
Tere Ishq nachaiyaan kar key thaiyaa thaiyaa

Falling in love with you
Was like taking a sip of poison
Come my healer, forsaken, I am sad.
Your love has made me dance like mad

Chupp giyah ve suraj bahar reh gayi laali
Ve main sadqey hova, Devein murrjey wikhali
Peera main bhul gaiyaan tere naal na gaiyaan
Tere Ishq nachaiyaan kar key thaiyaa thaiyaa

The sun has set, its flush only is left
I’ll give my life for a glimpse of you
My fault I came not when when you bade
Your love has made me dance like mad.

Ais Ishq de kolon mainu hatak na maaye
Laahu jaandre berrey kehrramorlaya
Meri aqal jun bhulli naal mhaniyaan dey gaiyaan
Tere Ishq nachaiyaan kar key thaiyaa thaiyaa

Dissuade me not from the path of love
Who can hold the boats on the move?
Stupid, I joined the boatman’s squad
Your love has made me dance like mad

Ais Ishq Di Jhangi Wich Mor Bulenda
Sanu Qibla Ton Qaaba Sohna Yaar Disenda
Saanu Ghayal Karke Pher Khabar Na Laaiyaan
Tere Ishq nachaiyaan kar key thaiyaa thaiyaa

A peacock calls in the grove of passion
It’s Qibla, It’s Kaaba where lives my love
You asked not once after you stabbed
Your love has made me dance like mad

Bullah Shah na aounda mainu Inayat de buhe
Jisne mainu awaye chole saave te suhe
Jaan main maari aye addi mil paya hai vahaiya
Tere Ishq nachaiyaan kar key thaiyaa thaiyaa

Bulleh Shah sits at  Inayat’s door
Who has dressed me in green and red
And caught me the instant I flew from the pad
Your love has made me dance like mad

Poetry by 18th century Sufi poet Bulleh Shah translated by Kartar Singh Duggal 

Its cover(song which is more popular than the original) qawali sung by Abida Parveen is one of my all time favourites. Brought up during a recent talk I attended of Madhvi Menon, on her newly launched book – ‘A History of Desire in India’; its essence, to me, resonates with Dhruv Singh‘s design vocabulary of evoking desire in a sublime or refined fashion.

Admiring the talent’s Indian-ness, am taking the liberty of sharing our e-talk. 
MD: What is your family background?
DS: I was born in a simple Rajput family of Allahabad, and brought up in different parts of Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Nepal. Since childhood I have been exposed to different cultures. My father was a government officer and mother an avid literature reader; which contributed considerably to my values and belief system.
MD: Acquaint us with your design aesthetics.
DS: We started operations from Ahmedabad in 2013, for an easier access to textiles. It had a profound influence on my aesthetics back then. Moving between cities made my aesthetic modern, which thrives on the roots of textile crafts of India. As a studio we would try our hand on a new textile each season. And so, developing with weavers makes our timeless pieces – indulgences, not a mere wear.
emb detail 1.jpg
Marodi embroidery, traditionally done in Gujarat and Bengal is originally in gold zari but they’ve used cotton threads as well.
Kaahi angrakha1
MD:  Who/what inspired you while growing up?
DS: While growing up, with my parents I’ve visited a number of historical places, ancient temples, museums and mosques. Have always been very fascinated by art forms, literature, cultures and their stories. Though consciously, my major inspiration comes from the current music, surroundings and elements that I notice on a daily basis.
MD: What are the key elements in your latest collection?
DS: We are currently working on our new line called ‘GARA’ which is a blend of pret clothing, jewellery, home and antiques that I have collected while travelling through different parts of rural India.
Everything in GARA will be completely handmade as it involves artisan clusters across India. It is a tribute to our elementary hand loomed textiles, handicrafts and more. Being our first collection, it will be launched by August, next month – beginning of the Indian festive season.

g e r u - accessoriesg e r u - accesoriesJewellery ‘Made in Rajasthan’

MD: You have your feet in both Delhi and Ahmedabad, as per your instagram. In relevance to design what do you derive from these two cities?
DS: Both the cities have different vibes. I love Ahmedabad for its traditional peaceful spirit. The city is very rooted, raw and earthy. People still value their grandmothers’  sarees and jewellery, for they enjoy donning them. Even the young are accustomed to living in a ritualistic way. The city has a slow fermented buzz of different forms of arts – music, dance, architecture, crafts etc.
Delhi on the other hand is more urbanized, and too fast for me. What I find fascinating in the Indian capital is its ancient architecture. Many historical nooks and corners of the city are preserved as the citizens take pride in it. I also appreciate how people understand art here.
g e r u - home
With finger in too many pies – apparel, jewellery, home, events and styling;
look out for art and music gigs at their newly constructed studio in Delhi, later this year.
Dhruv Singh Studio
F-328, 1st Floor, Next Lane to Bikaner Sweets,
Opposite Qutub Minar, Lado, Sarai,
New Delhi

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